02-22-2016, Monday


Good morning Universe and Hello my beautiful Spirits!

‘Re-vision’. The word came up while Scrabbling a few minutes ago. You know it’s amazing how perfect everything really is…even if it sometimes seems like everything is ‘off the rails’, already!

I went about some other things before sitting down to this space today. That is like breaking a ‘Golden Rule’ on myself while doing the other things. It’s not conducive to ‘Being in the NOW’, and it is one of my worse addictions – to beat myself up. The actions, the thoughts that occur in this process are far from ‘love’.

The process itself is also entirely ‘unnecessary’. What generally tends to happen while doing the other things is a revelation, an idea or inspiration. The golden nugget that came out of today’s side-trip is an example of the productivity of mundane-ness.

I am still letting go of the need to ‘Be Perfect’, and I have to say, “I’ve come a LONG way Baby!”

As I go through the ‘discipline’ of getting back on track, it is becoming almost comical observing my own follies!

I am reminded to find ways to congratulate myself more in a day. I am noticing I am getting most of my tasks completed and not quite yet in the priority they deserve.

I am left humbled in knowing how powerful our minds really are, and left in wonder at the infinite power our higher selves wield!

We are bigger on the inside!

So back to my nugget for today – ‘re-vision’ – all I needed was an ‘n’ to play it – and while considering the other possible moves it occurred to me the subtle meaning of the word. Dictionary.com doesn’t cover the subtlety, they refer you to ‘revising’ – to amend or alter’. Obvious.

I like the original Latin intention: ‘revisere’ – to look back at, revisit, also tied to the word ‘revidere’ – to see again.

This is cool. I am learning the power of our thoughts, feelings and actions that lead to our results. The vast power we individually have to change our worlds – really fast – astounds me.

So how come we don’t ‘just do it’?

A slight ‘revision’ may be necessary? Or a bunch of them. The ‘revision is not made by going somewhere else or doing something different – at first – the revision has to be made in our minds first, then the rest occurs as you say ‘naturally’.

What do you want?

Some of us have a better idea than others. If you don’t have a good picture of what you want yet then start there. Once that’s done you have something to ‘revise’ or ‘revision’. See? I just made a noun a verb.

Revising our reality is totally up to each one of us regardless of what goes on around us.

Want to make some changes?

What would you change?

Don’t know what you want?

Identify that and write down its opposite or in a ‘do want’ way.

Don’t know what you want to change?

Each morning before you get up and each evening before you sleep write down 10 things you truly appreciate. 2 things will come out of the practice – more of what you do want and a bunch of what you don’t – flip those into appreciations and ‘dreams’.

It won’t be long before your vision of your perfect world will emerge.

If – like Dorothy – we always have the power to ‘go home’, why don’t we just click our heels together 3 times and go there? We are all the worthiest for the journey.

If we want to make a change it is ‘us’ that has to make it. A slight revisioning has a lot of fuel to it. Start small and in the middle and work out from there, create your Masterpiece you came here to create.

The only things that will happen are probably more of what you don’t want until you have clarity on what you do want.

The answers are in there, you just have to believe…

Mulder out…


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