02-20-2016, Saturday


Good morning Universe and Happy Earth Birthday to the One I call Nana!!

If you were still with us this would be your 100th year. I love you and still miss the two angels in my younger life.

It’s a sunny and warmer day today and as I prepare to move I am enticed by the whiffs of spring on the wind. A cardinal calls out as I write, a sign he is excited too!

I am looking forward to foraging in newer territories this summer. There is LOTS of land to cover on the Northern cusp of the city.

Mother I am eager to converse with you again, call out to me if I seem to pass you by.
I still have some ‘conflicting’ thoughts and visions about what ‘life perfect’ ultimately means and looks like to me.

I must reconcile the ‘imbalance’ and create a fresh new vision – a mashup as it is often referred to – of your favorite ways of Being.

Focus in your ‘nows’, think of the 2-brimmed cap – Shaman on one brim and powerful Network Marketer on the other. So what does the cap itself represent?

My love for nature. My writing. My abilities as a ‘seer’ and empath. My vision for life powerful.

Live, love, laugh. That is your example. Let the others watch in wonder as you get paid to do so. What do you do?

WORK is not a dirty word. Your ‘work’ is the most challenging kind there is. Attention to one’s own evolution takes commitment. Creating ‘new stuff’ that never existed before is the goal of expansion. As you live the example of contrast to your ‘normals’, you will appear brave, fearless.

Avoidance and denial must always be ‘kept in check’, it is easy to drift while under their purview.

Impulse is always present and your point of focus is particularly important as you act upon your ‘impulses’, and you have many. ¬†Impulse is involuntary, what ‘happens’ upon its arrival is the differences in ‘discipline’.

WOW. No wonder my companion cringes at the word, no wonder I do!! This is the first time it has occurred to me why! Thank you. The root of discipline is – disciple. There’s some contrast in there yes? The only context this word feels good in is the reference to ‘training for master or improvement’. To ‘behave’ according to another’s dogma is certainly something my nature repels from.


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