02-19-2016, Friday


Good morning Universe and Hello my luminous Spirits! Thank you for the guidance and assistance along this path. Although I took these pages with me yesterday I did not get to flowing, however, I did very much enjoy reconnecting with W. & K.! It is good to have forever, non-conditional friends! And the synchronicity of events and timing in my favor.

I am getting better at working with my inner cues – I think? Patience and alertness to details while I ‘seem’ to be waiting or procrastinating is the ‘tricky dance’. You are stepping up to and into ways of Being not yet fully understood or expected.

Your ‘effort’ is always rewarded. The action of being in action. I am reminded that I have a new heart and that nothing can harm it except for my own resistance to the flow of emotions and the power they carry.

Oh sweet consciousness! You are the ‘one thing’ no other human can covet from me.

The next few days will be busy with final preparations to move. Everything came together yesterday and I am looking forward to sharing spaces with W. He lives a happy, simple, meaningful life.

Just as I prefer.

Things are ‘yucky’ between R. and I. I realize the last year has been about holding hope for a true companionship or partnership, I fell out of love with him some time ago clearly. Or perhaps I was never in love with him in the first place?

Something in the mirror tells me that I have yet to experience a full, healthy, unconditionally loving relationship with a life partner. Something tells me it will look nothing like I expect it to and be everything I’ve always wanted to be.

You will know for certain when you are ready to commit again, for now you have a mountain of new awareness with which to become the next iteration of you. Throw down the challenge to any man with that spark in his eye, “Go Sapphire and THEN we’ll consider.” You are a thought and manifestational leader. Expect nothing less from the one you will count on most along this treacherous journey.

Be at peace with the contention of those that fear your becoming as a loss to them because it is not just for them but for you. You ‘know’ you have to jump to save your own life, if the other chooses not to, make your farewell and look forward to your escape route from ‘danger’ or that which you do not prefer.

Ignorance, fear, cowardice, denial are the destructive forces to break ‘free’ from.

Never before have you been so acutely aware of the necessity to cut ties with past programming and man-made values that no longer serve. Yes lives are, as you say, “on the line”, and it’s every conscious beings’ right to choose which side of that line they prefer to be on.

As your world transmutes its energies, the path of least resistance will be to ‘step over that line’. Some will take forever to decide don’t wait for them either – indecision is soon eradicated by desire, and will not likely be of your preference.

Do not focus on the waste! It is in the opposite direction of abundance – it is more based in lack and scarcity than it is ‘more than enough’, there is a certain appreciation in excess, light-born abundance. Prosperity will ALWAYS be a ‘state of mind’.

You are an empathic visionary, ‘feel’ your way along.

Love yourself. You are more of it than many. You have tipped the odds in your favor. Just be your love.


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