02-16-2016, Tuesday


Good morning Universe and Hello my luminous Spirit! I have just listened twice to Taylor Swift’s “Out of The Woods” Grammy museum performance. Her intro and story of the inspiration for the song hit me like a bullet.

Thank you Universe for the perfect message brought to me through it. Clarity is always the brass ring I grab for!

Tears are flowing this morning and I am noticing the places of resistance. There is SO much here to write and speak about. And who is up to hearing about it?

I am looking forward to pulling everything together for my move this week. I find myself sitting well with the idea of moving back in with Wayne Parker. There is a sense of ‘home’ about it and it will keep me attached to the virtual community I know and love.

I AM NETWORK MARKETER. Next to Aya, I firmly believe it is the best thing for what ails us all.
Thank you! Thank you! My Madre I AM Eternally grateful for your calling and our interaction. You have saved a meaningful life experience!

The importance of the ‘familial factor’ here is not missed. I am stunned at the precision with which source manifests exactly what we need for our ultimate mission’s fulfillment.

This last relationship (technically current) has been the hardest work yet, and I am beginning to sense how effort – even if seemingly misguided – pays off – it’s ALL good.

I still see the potential of ‘what could have been’ and have better understanding of my part in choosing a more ‘correct’ partner for the journey.

Today I will connect. I am feeling very much like there’s time for everything and I am feeling MUCH better about myself for the focus on my priorities. My work, my profession, my intentions and new heart will ensure a quick turn around for my business – the bus that keeps us together, moving forward and feeling safe.


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