02-15-2016, Monday Family Day


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit!

I am up at a better time this morning, for many it is the Family Day holiday. I sense by the unusual quiet on the roads that some will be sleeping in.

It was challenging getting Gandalf on his way yesterday, all of us had tears in our eyes. My love goes out to him for a quick adjustment to his new companion and environment. His brother Magic is looking for him today.

I had a great chat with Ian yesterday, I am asking him to help me reach some goals. I sensed ‘order’ after talking to him, a slightly stronger feeling of ‘alignment’.

Yesterday I downloaded “Toodledo” as recommended by KD, my ‘system’ is coming together. Today I have some important tasks! Email/reach out to the team, send my analysis to Ian, gather and contact the Vancouver list and hopefully if I can hold myself on track – email a story to Julio.
Thank you – incoming suggestion to give “Men Are From Mars…” another read. It helped tremendously during your last major break up shift.

It isn’t so much that you don’t understand ‘men’, in fact you have had FAR more experience than most with them – to a point of becoming ‘like’ men, on every level.

Your need to get to their hearts through a veil of pure, positive potential perspective is what trips you up – and know – (hearing Aya) – you are on a mission to get to your heart of heart – yes you have darkness in places yet also, however your new heart is pure light.

There is no need to check to see if there is a monster in the bushes – ‘feel’ that it is ‘so’ and turn to focus on the direction of ‘the light’. The monster exists and lives there for another’s preferences and learning. It is no longer a threat or concern of yours.

I am feeling fairly committed and sense that burning in the belly I hear of from my best examples. I will ALWAYS remember those few seconds of sweet clarity on Jan 28, 2016! It was as if the top of my head was wide open to the download that occurred because of the clarity. WOW. I may as well have had a cup of Aya prior, my whole being seemed hijacked and I am grateful for the opportunity to remain ‘the observer’!

I am feeling complete enough here this morn. Thank you for the blessing that is this space.

I am eager to get to my work again. Toodledo!

I Love You. XO


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