02-14-2016, Sunday Valentine’s Day


Good morning Universe and Happy Valentine’s day to my luminous Spirits! Can you feel us today?

This is a strange place I am in, the first V-day single and yet somehow – not.

I feel a deep loyalty to myself, my desire to partner with my past waned long ago. The upcoming change of environment will serve tremendously – this I know if not the details yet. I was reminded this morning to go ahead and jump, I’ll build my wings on the way down You did this 12 years ago when you made the transition to Being an entrepreneur!

Yes, and – I got pretty close to ground zero before my wings were formed enough to use! So then, this time I have my wings, it’s simply a matter of mastering flight!

Go play with them! Try some loops big and small. Dive bomb your targets with eye of the eagle!
I enjoyed my conversation with Ian yesterday, it helped me to get focused and I think, I sense more ‘direction’. I will remain connected and moving on. I am eager to reach a tipping point in my favor!

I am off to write some people!

All is well. All is love.


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