02-13-2016, Saturday


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit!

I had a good long sleep after having crashed a little earlier than usual.

My upline sponsor and mentor is standing by to chat with me about my goals. I wish to remain coachable and find my ‘zone of manifestation’.

I realize anyone can write down goals – and everyone should – for those times when you do resonate with what you have written down.

You have never had the ‘luxury’ of someone taking you by the hand and showing you through the process. You have read books, listed to speakers, journaled and to the best of your awareness, have enough practice and your own successes to build on, and words don’t teach.

Roll up the emotional sleeves and thrust yourself into the goo of creation!

As you have experienced no one really gives a hoot about the other’s journey – in a co-creative environment it absolutely is a game of ‘what can I learn from the others’. We learn little about our Being sitting in sequestered false certainty. Mix it up! You have always found value and satisfaction building relationships – go build some with a future version of yourself instead of with past versions of yourself.

I have just had a break to interact with my kitty Magic. He and I have an extra special relationship, he’s an older soul me thinks. Tomorrow Magic’s brother and my little buddy Gandalf will leave for his forever home, I hope he fairs the journey well, he will be loved at the other end.

Watching the fur babies go will be my toughest task in this transition. It would be lovely to have Magic with me, and I am not convinced it would be best for him.

They have all been a source of delight ever since Momma cat first introduced herself to me in the porch. Who knew how much the two of us would co-create together?!

Tomorrow is ‘the big day’. It will be felt here and perhaps even some awkward. I find it slightly amusing to wonder – again – what all the single ladies are up to tomorrow? I will invest the day in love.

Today – massiver action – the type that gets me to my goals!

Remember that day in February 2010 when you the hockey team snagged Gold?

You Go Girl!


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