02-12-2016, Friday


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirits!

I am enjoying this extra time with you my trusted journal. Last evening I went back to “the point of impact” in my writing. I think it is a valuable exercise for observing the progress of the process.

What a blessing it is to allow spirit to ‘take over’ in my moments of ‘crises’!!

I am eager to move along and create abundance with my business. The wait is over, your posture is strong and you are ready to take your stand.

Everything will be new again. This time you are working with more wisdom and clarity the hacking of your sunny ignorance will subside as you utilize your newly honed discernment skills to make better choices.

Leave your ‘don’t wants’ to the follies of others. Use your powerful, delightful imagination to create the beauty and joy you know is natural.

These dysfunctions and darkness are ‘man-made’. Spirit only knows of it but does not focus on or partake of it – source is by no means a ‘prude’.

Discernment vs. Judgment? Your discernment – your preferences – may very well be interpreted as judgment by those that do not share your “values”, the ‘ways of being’ you put priority on.

You find value in getting up early, You find value in your writing, you understand better than most the ‘value’ of love. Thoughts, words and deeds must remain in a context of love and best intentions.

The choices you make using the best you’ve got to work with is the best you can do – and that will always be more than enough to get – not only what you desire but, the journey required to give you the wisdom to realize whatever it is you want.

Realize – Real-ize

Awareness does not come without a shift in vibration. Shining the light on or uncovering one of ‘your truths’ – whether this truth be dark or light – is always an empowering thing.


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