02-11-2016, Thursday


Good morning Universe and Hello my beautiful Spirits!

Thank you for that wonderful experience last night! My first drum circle and I like it. I believe I could feel the effects and truly appreciate the ceremonial context. I think I might need my own drum!

It is almost the middle of the month and I must begin making arrangements for Go day.

In the meantime I am perfectly poised to go ahead and turn things around. I am observing ‘lack of coping’ and wish to be far more engaged in my light purpose activities.

Please assist me to remain focused on my priorities.

I realized a bit ago this morning how incredible Ayahausca really is! I think I am experiencing a release from an old circle of influence! It felt good to speak my fear of having to leave, what feels like – EVERYTHING behind.

I think I need to write a blog post about what I am calling “The Dirty Dozen”. I am in my 12th year out of corporate and looking back at my perspective then – truly – I had no idea.

Most interesting to me is that I believed this far out I would be ‘complete’ in my mission. If I had known back then what it was really going to take for ME to get to the vision I was capable of at the time, I may have attempted to remain and tough it out at Bell.

Yes, in these cases my ignorance has served me, and I have come to the conclusion that “ignorance on fire”, while assisting to boost the rocket, is not a long term, lasting mode of operation for growth.

It is appropriate to say, “It’s time to transform the hack into a Master.”

You are smart (maybe too), you are connected to source more securely than most and your awareness of your natural state is significant. You only see pure, positive potential so oriented in the light. It will always be a surprise when darkness and the inevitable contrast it presents makes itself apparent to you. You are also made of ‘this stuff’ and in your case although mostly neutralized, you need to know it is always there.

Others see the murky, mysterious dark side of you as much as you see their positive side, you see, the perspectives are like looking into the mirror. In your new understanding you will know better which side of the mirror you’re on before making choices that will either serve or flog you.

Your ‘addictive’ and ‘ADHD’ tendencies and labels are indicative of a ‘state of being’ many either wish they could achieve or simply don’t understand. When one follows their calling to growth and greatness, all bets are off. Go general to your feeling places about what you want, the world around you will shift swiftly to meet your desires, and the world you seek may not have a place yet in your awareness and vision.

Ask different questions, roll with your shifts in priority and thinking Seek out those on your side of the mirror. Observe. Listen. Choose.

Everyone and every thing is love. The contrast you observe to that truth represents the distance from it we have strayed – you are all here to experience the end result of ‘contrast’, it is absolutely crucial for expansion to occur.

Go be with people! 1 great new friend is a game-changer.


Hello Universe! It has been a slightly more productive day and although I catch myself off the rails at times, I am bringing myself back in the process of noticing. I am counting on the golden rule that what we focus on expands.

Keep walking through the people. Keep sharing Email the team!!

Tonight you will commit tomorrow to paper. Get your notebook….

You are blessed beyond comprehension. You are loved and supported more than you feel worthy for.

Looking forward to meeting new, happy, ambitious, self-empowered, compassionate, loving peeps to run with.

Sweet dreams.


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