02-08-2016, Monday


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit!

It is a mild February Monday and I popped out of bed at 6:30 this morn.

I had a really great weekend – all things considered – it was productive. This week I will tend to moving details. It is near time to fly!

I am making great efforts to remain “on track” as I Become the professional I desire to be and last evening I was reminded that perhaps I need to be more ‘vigilant’, it had been 3 days since listening to Team Talk.

Doh. Is this normal? Perhaps a clue as to how far I have drifted?

Retrain. Reprogram. You are stronger and more alert. Your next environment will assist you to ease-ily fall out of non-serving habits. You are well supported.

I am having a wandering thought about Wednesday’s invitation to the spiritual center’s drumming circle! It is occurring to me that I don’t have a percussion instrument at all! I am feeling impish about showing up with a bucket and kitchen utensils! The kid in me wants out to play, it’s time to dislodge some darkness!

It has become “hard work” to stay here now.

This week I will reach out even more. It is important to my spiritual and psychological wellness to remain connected to my collective hive. Those I love, and that love me back are who I feel best with.

Who does make you feel good about Yourself?


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