02-05-2016, Friday


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirits!

It is a crisp, sunny February morning and I allowed myself some extra time to sleep.

If all the events circumstances and players are for our benefit, then I have just had the perfect demonstration for me to ‘work’ with. I think I see the end result of Aya’s earmarked trait of disarming us emotionally.

If I can truly be open and the observer of the scene before me – if I can remain “in the audience” with my broader perspective – instead of getting emotionally involved on the stage, the lessons are far easier to realize closer to the climactic moment.

Enjoy the emotional ride of what’s put on before you but remain in the audience and at a distance from “the action”. Hone your preferences by that which you see and feel.

You were born with a high level of discernment, an older soul with eons of experience. You were born trusting and unafraid of the glorious life and experiences you know you would have the opportunity to create while in this iteration.

You “get” expansion and the powerful subtle energies required to create it. You “get” the nature of momentum and leverage and have ridden many of its waves, last Thursday was a perfect example of how you go about creating the explosion required to propel you into your next “set of frequencies”.

You are closer to your goal of mastering “realization in the moment“. Hindsight realization is created by our willingness to let go and become unattached to the collective we plug into for our emotional quenching. Emotion is the eternal beings’ food and fodder, the thrill of the ride! It is the stuff physical reality is made of!

Passion wears many styles and has unlimited preferences for its expression. One in quiet and burning determination harnesses explosive passion that trumps that of the most ethereal love making!

Yes to many you are a prude and no fun, yet you instantly recall plenty of fun in your life – it is light, it is…”clean”, it is love and oh so satisfying.

I hold deep compassion for those that are “stuck” in their processes of development – to me “they” represent the “weaker” of the pack and may never experience this splendor here and now – it is not their time yet.

“Survival of the wisest” has never rang so true.

I wish them eternal luck as they continue on their journey and I on mine.

Stay in the light. Focus on creating your world!


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