02-03-2016, Wednesday


Good morning Universe and hello spirits!

It is a mild February morning and there is only a few small mounds of plowed snow from a mid-January storm.

Well after last night’s interaction with R. after 5 days of separation and silence I have to say I’m stunned. He responded as intuition told me he would. Now I worry for him in a very compassionate way.

Somewhere along our path together he seems to have had a ‘breakdown’. The lesson is to ‘let it go’. Your desired outcome became impossible some time ago. I am noticing a lot less fear this morning after last night’s clarity.

It is now appropriate to RUN!

I realize I have many blind spots yet and in tremendous gratitude for my awareness I have developed. Have I grown ‘that’ much in 5 years? God, I hope so!

The next leg is going to be full of fun and focus and will be about MY Purpose and destiny. The only waiting I have been doing is on myself. Get out of this shadow you hide behind, your grandest adventure is afoot!

You will get good at asking for assistance until all the pieces settle in for now life is free of any complications to make your journey arduous.

You have stepped into the light, now venture forward and don’t look back.

You have a fresh heart, more clarity of purpose. You have ‘allowed’ yourself to go to this place for a destiny-shaping understanding of the human being.

Stay with those headed in your preferred direction. Resist the temptation to sequester yourself behind perceived comfort and ‘certainty’.

Your true friends and supporters have arms outstretched waiting to catch you if you fall.

Your vitality will return as your new heart fills with appreciation, compassion and the joy of living.

You have recalled more than once today that beautiful voice of Aya promising you that if you can feel the pain again – you can absolutely experience the nirvana. It’s your choice.

Go for it!


Hello Universe here I am to write a few words before sleep. The alarm is set and I am off for visiting tomorrow.

As I gather up my things here I am feeling some sadness at leaving this space that has been my home. As much of a distraction as they are I will miss the fur babies. Like me, I know they will find forever homes where they are loved and cared well for.

This one has been a great experience. We tried too hard to make it work and at least until last week I had a good companion. He is still loved by me and I wish him all his dreams.

Good night, sleep tight. You are loved.


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