02-02-2016, Tuesday Ground Hog Day

“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple”. – Jack Kerouac


Good morning Universe and hello my luminous friends.

The quote above popped up while sharing my post earlier. I am now moved to search out Mr. Kerouac’s famous book – this is at least the third time it has come up and something is ringing resonant.

My mind is fighting off overwhelm with the cascade of details to be handled. I want to move quickly so that I can return to a more preferred state of freedom and allowing.

Keep the pen moving so that flow can engage. You know what you have to do. Set a spreadsheet up and post it to the cloud. Write out your todo list and nail the chores while listening to calls. You are eager to get back to work.

It is time to hone your mobile efficiency.


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