02-01-2016, Monday


Good morning Universe and top ‘o’ the vibe to my loving Angels!

It is a beautiful sunny day today and mild for the season. I am truly grateful for an easier Canadian winter.

Thank you. Thank you for my true friends and the unconditional love they are for me. Please allow me to be graceful, courteous, respectful and appreciative as I leap forward into the unknown.

I sense excitement as well as fear. Intuition knows best and it is soothing me along the way as I break free from the old molds that shaped me.

More watching…less listening. Their feet and actions contain the truth.

At the end of the day YOUR truth must hold. Sleep is sound when you lie your head down knowing you have done the right thing for YOU and consequently those around you.

Expect the best only from yourself and know only some will be inspired to do the same.

Time to get to work!


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