04-07-2016, Thursday

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Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit!

Here I am up n at em for another days’ adventure! It was a long one yesterday and today I will be better prepared for my days’ travel. It is quite the commute from here to Paris and quite frankly not too cheap for the inconvenience. I am grateful to have shifted my shift by the 1/2 hour to free up a precious morning hour.

Like anything, if I have it, it seems I use it!

I will need to pick up some speed in my preparations! High performance indeed, pffft.

I am still realizing I must prepare as much as possible the night before.

Thank you for the wonderful surprise upon my arrival home last night, I am truly blessed.

This is the side of “the beauty of contrast” that I prefer to be on. Appreciation is the secret sauce.

Would you have had the same intensity of ‘feeling’ without your last experience for comparison? I will ensure Wayne knows I notice!

So back to my productivity…

Remain focused and keep a corner of your eye on the clock for what you focus upon expands and that includes time.

If you submit yourself to Mr. Pena for finishing, you already know your daily reports would be highly scrutinized – as they are already by you – it is why you are stepping up and getting the assistance you need to take it to the next level.

You need to continue to go within and watch what shows up in front of you. Your ’emotional bank account’ is about to get a deposit of sizable proportion.

Stay the course, enjoy the journey – you are getting things figured out.


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