04-30-2016, Saturday – Day 2 – CEUDV Retreat


Good morning Universe and Hello my luminous spirits!

I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

It is the morning after ceremony 1 of this weekend. I am feeling grateful for the healing I know is occurring. I have done enough 3 day retreats to see a pattern that confirms your earlier teachings of clean up, open up and connect.

I thought there would be purging after a year and a half and I was more than ‘correct’! I have never filled my bucket so full, in knowing what came out I can only come up with, “It was old stuff”.

I suspect that tonight I will ‘see’ more of what is in store for me here. I am somewhat ‘somber’ this morning after a long evening of submission. A cup of coffee yesterday may have alleviated the headache I had to entertain.

Ego you are busted!

I am in silence this weekend and grateful for the ‘excuse’ to be wholly with Me and this channel that has brought me so much solace.

I am surrounded by Floridian forest and bird song. A morning dove coos nearby and the wood peckers are pummeling for their breakfast.

The other journeyers are stirring and a couple of them are up early with me.

C’mon! There must be something juicy here to write about, the channel feels somewhat closed today. I will return as things bubble up for me to record.
So what is the purpose of all this writing?

What do I do with it?


Hello Universe I am back still somewhat in the glow of our beautiful Aya. Today was a great ride! Much work got done and no purging so I was able to utilize her blessings full on.

I am amazed at how fast 4 or 5 hours passes as I am “in the cocoon”.

I have concluded that this is some of the most intense “work”.

Submitting to this process seems “easy” to me.

It fascinates me to no end! I am always quite lucid and conscious while under her control although my physical faculties are more than “offline”. I always have a sense that I could regain control any time I want to but why would I want to?!

I do know when she has kicked in, then it’s time to give it up, it is the sweet spot I came here for!

I can feel the intensity of her presence in every cell all at once. My muscles contract with the current tossing me every which way on the mat. Hang on for this ultimate ride of your life because when it’s over you are changed.

It is not a wonder that you have given up on sex with others, it all seems so pointless, and I am open to meeting and experiencing one that has wisdom in this area.

Today was like 4 1/2 hours of great sex! I felt more satisfied today than I ever have before.

I hope I can get my ring back to it’s original color.


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