04-29-2016, Friday – Day 1 – CEUDV Retreat


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit!


This morning I am here from the outback of Florida. It is good to be with J. and R. at their sacred retreat. Already I can feel the healing energy here.

Tonight, we drink! Intuition whispers to hang on help is here. Rosalia noticed my “pain” right away, it didn’t really occur to me that sadness is pain, I know it’s here yet and I feel SO close to rising out of it.

I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

There will be fellow journeyers arriving today, barring cancellation there will be 7 of us this weekend. Please assist me to submit to my process fully so that I can expand into my next way of being.

Keep this pen moving, the ego is quaking in it’s little boots. To it I say, “thank you for your protection and safety.”

I am eager to explore this morning. I will be with you here a great deal this weekend, I brought lots of ink sticks and paper to record the wealth of information coming through.

There is much love for you here.


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