04-26-2016, Tuesday


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit! It’s a colder, drearier morning as I ponder whether to bring out the winter coat again? Oh yeah, I’ll wear my new jacket today!

Last night I did a wee bit more investigation into where I am headed this weekend, now I am even more excited and maybe just a little daunted by the probability of our tiny and powerful spirit of the mosquito.

I am headed into the glades by the looks of it. We’re just a little South West of a large lake, I will explore some more today from my post. I have questions on what the plan is at Labelle.

[I will send J. an email so that I am prepared for the scenario.]

I am looking forward to some time in this new environment on sacred lands. I wonder what new wildlife I will discover and connect with? 2 more sleeps.

I heard from M.L. yesterday, twice in a few days. The texted conversation didn’t go far, I think she’s just after information. I sense a distrust for her, there is too much not being said and seen, she went quiet when the ex took off to Greece. I understand, she has to “pick a side”, and the wasted potential still pisses me off!! And, because she appears to have picked, I am withholding my personal information at this time. I will love them all for who they can be, who they are really, that I firmly believe even if they do not. I will love them from a distance so as not to get ‘injured’ by the gnashing of the teeth and the flailing of claws when drama comes calling.

In listening to Dan Pena talk about travel I resonate wholly with his opinions.

Kiss frogs. Give them the doofus test. You will be surprised at how quickly you collect fellow journeyers – and customers for your business!

Go out and ask.

Pucker up……


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