04-25-2016, Monday


Good morning Universe and Hello my trusted Spirit! Today it really feels good to be alive!

I received all of my new Zen food on the weekend, this morning I will try my first Zen Fuze protein shake, I reviewed Mark MacDonald’s program on the weekend, it does seem simple, especially for those of us that are already used to this rhythm of eating. Already though I am also learning new things about the foods I am eating.

PFC is something I follow by instinct, being able to “graze” all day – every 3 hours, is by lifestyle. Realistically I consume something every 2 hours.

None of it all seems to matter much to me anyway. The more I witness the end results of the power of belief, I realize all the drama and details we create are for the emotional ride we came here to experience.

[As I was writing the paragraph above an idea popped into my head. On the page under this one I am writing on is an idea for a VLOG.]

It occurred to me I now have the proper space to begin a practice. I have no one watching or listening except me and you Spirit!

I will start with 1 minute clips and observe my progress. Skyping with others is valuable also and will keep you in the flow of people to attract your dream team!


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