04-24-2016, Sunday


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit! I may be more creative with my opening salutation going forward, today I noticed I wrote out my greeting very ‘automatically’ and void of the genuine feelings behind it because of the habit of it.

Mindfulness is hard. There wouldn’t be a Trillion dollar personal development industry if it was easy to function fully, well it is easy once you’re there, easier than you are imagining it will be, in fact, it is “effortless”, literally. You have strayed and drifted so far from the paths to functionality in your life experience.

Simply ask 2 questions when a decision opportunity pops up:
1. How do I feel – good or bad?
2. Does it support my spiritual path?

So I’m thinking I should send out a team email in all caps?! I understand why Mr. Pena does this! LOL! In fact, maybe it’s a good prospecting tool.

How do I make people look?

That is all I ‘expect’ them to do. I certainly am done with ‘making’ them ‘sign up’. I have proven that I can persuade others to join, and how do I get them to engage? How do I make them drink when they have given up their will to breathe?

Bring me 12 perfect teammates and the game is on! I am suited and warmed up, ready to get in there and win this thing!

I am here to facilitate change, transformation and transmutation. You are a keeper in the nursery of cocoons, waiting until they burst open with new life and perspective.

Your frustrations are well earned and your intentions are true.

Next weekend you will enter the cocoon state again for another shedding of the old. The snake is the perfect ally to Aya and a fantastic mirror for us – we need to shed regularly.

The journey from here to your ‘there’ is as individual as the snowflakes. The great buffer of time is what you came here to master traveling. You do in fact have the ‘patience of a saint’.

Be prepared and be kind to yourself as you feel your way along.

Wisdom in anger is the practice of compassion.


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