04-23-2016, Saturday


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit! It is a sunny Saturday and I am on the stoop having just seen W and K off to their event. I have the place to myself for the day – cats aside.

I am at 5 sleeps and counting ’til I meet with myself again. It is my intention to be the most ‘productive’ I can be while with my newest ‘best friend’.

Last night I downloaded a bunch of Dan Pena’s videos only to find I am still at the tip of a proverbial iceberg. I know I want to join this movement I have been watching happen, in fact as I write I am realizing that is one of the key components of my calling and purpose – I love ‘movement’!!

Just look at what you are already part of! You are designing perfectly, the apparent ‘dis-located’ pieces of your reality’s puzzle are about to lock into place and when they do – oh when they do – keep your limbs in the car, your head down and something for your hair because the forces upon you when that rocket lifts off are exhilarating and powerful!

What are your ‘pieces’?

What does your reality look like when you place them all together?

*Draw a map.

Right now it is time to be here to flow. Today will be full of the tending to details for a smooth trip next week. I am almost giddy in my looking forward to it!

As much as I want to bask here with you, I also have much to ‘do’. Stay in the flow now, your nows create your future.

I added a new friend to my social media circle this week – the person that hired me at L.K.. S. is quite respected as a Regional Manager. I am impressed with his work ethic and now curious having seen he’s a theoretical physicist! Huh. I don’t think I saw that coming? It lead me to considering the huge ‘wall of theorists’ around me, I guess that makes me somewhat of an ‘activist’. I’m all about the pragmatic practicing of the stuff theorists read and talk about. The older term for me would be “witch”. Theorize all you want, at some point one has to get their hands dirty and work with the “stuff”.

Practical application, conscious use of the laws of nature we are discovering at the micro level is a big paradigm shift for all of humanity. You are here to ride the wave – no, the tsunami that will be created when the pinnacle of the shift is reached! You are here for a Universal flume ride!

You may as well ‘submit’, you are past the point of turn back now, burning the bridges behind you.


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