04-22-2016, Friday


Good morning Universe and Hello my dearest Spirit! I am at 6 sleeps and counting down ’til I fly away to be with Aya and ‘her people’ again. The confirmation of the calling came at the end of January, I HAVE to comply having discovered that resistance is futile. And truly, at this point of awareness, why would I want to.

My dear friend went on a rant about ‘submission’ a while back, her thoughts caused me some ‘anxiety’ as I disagreed with her ‘conclusions’. The willingness to ‘submit’ to be vulnerable is critical, on this I absolutely agree…however…I will be a while yet, if ever, submitting to another human.

I submit myself to certain journeys and have tried and tried again to submit to the ‘wishes’ of others always to hit a proverbial wall.

Submit to your process, submit to You. Trust is like a mortar between all your bricks in your foundation. The best journey is the one that brings you home closer to You!

Working with Ayahausca is a viable path to get you there. Much is lining up in your favor. This morning you have gotten a whiff of what is up ahead for you, of course it’s big, you do everything big and your chosen destiny or ‘destination’ is on a narrow and more challenging path than most are willing to travel. You are used to taking action on your concerns, the upside to good choice-making is unlimited.

You have found, and will always find ‘that’ way forward no matter what. You were born seeking and know you will be re-born into the ‘next’ experience, you are a thread in the very fabric of reality.

Make your lists and FOLLOW them, map your brain out so that you can navigate the terrain smoothly and peacefully.

When you lift off next Thursday you will not be the same as when you land the following Tuesday.

If you want things to change, you must change.


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