04-21-2016, Thursday


Good morning Universe and Hello my beautiful and love-filled Spirit!

Thank you for my life! As I head out on my next adventures I feel more secure and certain every day.

As I continue to come back from the last tour of dark duty, I am observing the changes in my vibe. My priorities are shifting back to where my self-confidence and esteem are grown and supported. The very path to self-empowerment is paved with discipline and accountability toll booths mark each mile.

I am a warrior on the edge of the battle field, once I step onto it, there’s no returning, the only option is to ‘make it’ to the other side. Your past commrades are already dead, it is your destiny to carry on happy and strong, running with those that get it.

You no longer give a shit what others think in fact it is disrespectful to expect to know and certainly none of one-another’s business.

Loose lips sink ships, listen, listen, listen.


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