04-20-2016, Wednesday


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit!

I arrive at this space wondering where Justin Trudeau is today? Happy 420. I am delightfully watching the story of this magnificent plant spirit unfold. He is like the Phoenix rising again to support us on our journey ‘askew’.

Marijauana has called out to me almost the entirety of my life. If I look upon my story and see how persistent and prevalent this beautiful and fascinating plant has been along my ‘right path’, I have submitted to the intuitive guidance that draws us nearer to one another.

I have a theory, it will be confirmed as intuitive vision as this story unfolds. For me the fascination is tremendous as I work with Ayahausca. I am being shown how these two ‘siblings’ work as a team for our healing. Through my own activities I’m fairly certain marijuana is a replacement for the myriad of designed mood-altering substances our big pharma loves to push on us. If our friend marijuana is a substitute for the very thing that holds us back from ‘everything’, isn’t it a wonderful metaphor you find yourself in.

Do not talk to me about the war on drugs as your pharma sales reps push pills down your throats through the very channel that is supposed to “do no harm”. Pharma is a pimp and your medical professionals are their bitches!

You are wise following the path of [nature] it will always lead you to more and better states of wellness, [it] was designed to be perfectly symbiotic with you. Ayahauasca is the Adam & Eve of our ability to create medicines! Wow. How ironic is this?

The metaphor is neon and blinking now! As I witness that state in our elders where their bodies can no longer work with your natural system ie, my great Aunt Sylvia.

She was known for her garden and the processing of it, I spend a lot of time with Auntie Sylvie and Uncle George, as a young one I was taught early how to pluck and wash a carrot from the ground for eating, I recall the experience vividly over my life and now realize why.

In the end Aunt Sylvia passed with a body that could no longer tolerate fresh vegetables and fruit – food interfered with her medications. She was entirely uneducated about nutrition, that didn’t matter so much all the years she lived off her own land, she knew she was healthier for her good habits.

So if I can provide an alternative solution to listening to doctors, as so many are now offering, as with any improvement the realm of choices opens up.

You are a good example of one making wiser choices, the imperfections in your process are what makes you, “You”.

As you feel your way along, many times in the dark, you are bound to bump into things once in a while or mistake one thing for another. Get your bearings back and press on!


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