04-19-2016, Tuesday


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit! I watched the clouds roll in as I got up this morn, we are in for more rain so I’ll be carrying my umbrella today.

It will be a more productive week, the trucks have rolled in and I now have the wifi to work with! Ah that’s better. Now to smooth out my shuttle rides, I will ensure clear communication happens as it appears I am unable to leave it up to the cab company – they’re not doing the best job they could there. I am reminded that we must grow ourself first, the business will follow. I feel as if I ought to gift the owner and his son with copies of “How To Win Friends”.

I am awaiting the arrival of my new Zen food! I am so grateful to be aware of good nutrition and that I have made good, real food a priority. The contrasting difference I feel and the end results are unquestionable. I want my energy levels topped up again.

So in seeing what most of us are ‘up against’, how do I use this insight to persuade others to open up to stepping up?

Look for the sparks, look for the twinkle in the eyes, sniff out ‘desire’ – the kind of desire that expands consciousness. Your brand of passion is a long way from being understood by those which you have just come from.

The masturbating and fuqqing around that occupies the minds, bodies and time of many is all that is left for some. Substances aside, I am coming to the conclusion that sex is the biggest addiction. There is no better remedy for feeling good in the moment, it is the closest most will ever get in this life experience to ‘spirituality’. It is a twisting of the ultimate purpose of the sexual act and be grateful you have found your way out of this darker circle of influence.

“How we do anything is how we do everything.”

All of this annoys you so much because you can see your own ignorant perspective in the mirror.

Carry on. Stand your ground. Stay on your game, in the light and always with love.

Good job! [LOL! I almost wrote “God job”!]

I think I like that better…


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