04-18-2016, Monday


Good morning Universe and Hello my beautiful Spirit! Thank you for the couple of days ‘off’. It smacks of Monday energy and I am off for a full week in Paris.

Will you assist me to manifest a team to facilitate there please?!

Keep the pen moving, the ego is winning in the tug of war with focus. Ask around, who do they know? Pick your ‘theys’ wisely, let your intuition be in the forefront of your search. Stay charismatic as you tend to your duties.

“Customer Service” It’s the hardest work. If I am my own best customer the rest should fall into place – as the customers do.

“Training, Facilitation of Growth is harder still. Teaching others to become self-empowered is a right you have earned honestly. Everyone is born with everything they need for self-leadership, the potential at the moment of conception is at its greatest for a human. After your egg has been fertilized your journey begins as you subject yourself to the environment of this bubble and physical them park.

It’s ALL up to you, for you and about you here. You are aware of the others’ parts in your play and loving by nature and respectful from humility. You, like all others, never intend to do harm.

Know the way, go the way, show the way.


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