04-17-2016, Sunday


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit!

I have to ask – beg – for assistance here! This is one of those days when I wish I couldn’t see some things! I am ‘upset’ as I peek in for confirmation of my intuition. Help me to let go of my attachment to squalor.

[Dictionary.com: squalor – the condition of being squalid; filth and misery. Squalid – look it up, I don’t want to soil this space with the words!]

Wow. I find it fascinating that I use words – correctly – and have never done the etymology on the words. I believe I can ‘feel’ the words. The one above encapsulates quite perfectly my last journey. It seems the very things I need to see for correct perspective are the same ones I cannot forget!

So that’s what life is like on the ‘other side of the tracks’!

I prefer to explore life at the other end of this spectrum!

Discipline may offend me somewhat still and having seen more clearly the ‘lines’ I come from, I will remain focused on having and being more of it! It is the will to be better, to expand, it is an infinite search for light.

Do you recall the muddle you were in when you were trying to figure out why your son was attracted to those in squalor? You launched a lot of questions about your preferences at the time.

I remember he used to come home from visiting others’ homes and tell me tales of the ‘differences’. Like his Mom, he was fascinated by the contrast, he has seen, was “brought up” around different models. Although I had concerns about how this would impact him, it did not occur to me to ‘forbid’ him the experience.

I understand too well the fascination and its grip on me. You won’t afford yourself the watching of certain movies and media why do you want to watch ‘this’? You know how the story ends for you, let it go on for them.

You, unlike your son at this time, have the wherewithal to turn away, to just say, “no”. You now ‘know better’ so choose it! Shut it down and join your other parties! You will find yourself more supported and the healing will be faster without all the focus upon that which you do not prefer.

The next wave of transmutation will bolster your ‘ability’ to ‘decide’ and act upon your better decision. More choices comes from making more and better decisions. Decisions made for the ‘greater good’, from the heart, those made swiftly honoring your values and character will always carry you toward and into the light. You have gleaned more than you now know from your ‘journey through squalor’. All you need to be sure about – and you are – is that you do not want ‘that’, you have experienced too much adventure and nirvana otherwise.

Carry on and quit looking back, nothing has changed much for the others, they are too afraid to proceed. They are trying to shake you as much as you are trying to shake them.

Appreciate and bless them for their contribution, it was epic!

There is much more love and light awaiting you ahead. Many are waiting for you to find your way – all the way back!


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