04-16-2016, Saturday


Good morning Universe and Hello my beautiful Spirit! I have Baroque again and a warm sunny undistracted day to just ‘be’.

I was just thinking about Senor Pena’s “doofus test”. I examine my energy around that word and realize I could say that ‘with love’. Perhaps the doofus label has been ‘re-conditioned’ by the examples given, and when it’s connected to the stories of love, it fits.

Dan was talking about listening to others’ vocabulary to determine ‘where they’re at’ and I would guess where they are from – if we can do it with Orcas, certainly with humans.

[Oh I do like the effects of this music in this space.]

As a musician by nature – no surprise – I have come to realize my calling to music is part of my instinctual understanding of how the Universe works. I would guess that is a foundational understanding among all musicians. When I visited the Perimeter Institute and saw that music was a big part of the resident smarties there – of course! Music is from math! Our prodigies have figured out how to play with and express ‘nature’ or dare I surmise, the Soul.

Their notes follow the lines and dimensions of ‘the flow’, they play out loud the vortices of emotion, their music moves us.

My body certainly likes it as I check in with it I find it tingling with pleasure. Perhaps I am in the same space as the purring cat?

Keep the pen moving, stand your ground, be here now.

Is there enough ‘time’ to become the master pianist I used to dream of being?

It is never too late to manifest a dream. You are masters of creation and times is one of your creations. Time is a necessary foundational ‘rule’ to the playing of this expansive game you call a ‘life’.

I am re-examining the whys behind my wishes lately. I have ‘squandered’ much time in the eyes of a broader perspective and from in here, all my ‘waiting’ has been for my higher purpose. Mr. Pena is heard when he speaks of ‘knowing better’ and avoidable mistakes.

I know when I screwed up, so far I have realized the ‘honest mistakes’ always have huge upsides to them in the end. The mistakes I make for trying, for risking from my best intentions, my best heart.


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