04-14-2016, Wednesday


Good morning Universe and Hello my magnificent Spirit! Where’s the heat?! It is a crisp, frosty one this morn as I join you from the stoop! The ink slows down in the cold so I will likely head back in to test out the new pen!

I am off for another day of walking the store. I will set myself up to get some transcribing done at the store laptop. I’ll make sure to upload the necessary files and access! That is something I can do there that does not conflict with my duties.

What does high-performance look like for me?

It certainly looks ‘unbalanced’. I am grateful for my matured sense of self. In my corporate days I sent myself into ‘overdrive’, overwhelmed by the responsibilities bestowed on me, literally unequipped to ‘properly’ and wisely respond. I see the amount of ‘pressure’ that was gaining leverage over my soul.

And still asking if I would have done anything differently is irrelevant. My perspective, honed by every circumstance and interaction, is very beloved and appreciated.

I came here to expand consciousness by whatever means necessary. Contention, competition are at the heart of resistance. “Getting up again”, “pushing through”, “pulling forward” all end results of a well-lived and expansive experience! Either way, label it good or bad the faster you go the higher you build will always reflect the magnitude of the net level of “challenge” for your ultimate “growth”.


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