04-13-2016, Wednesday


Good morning Universe and Hello my beautiful Spirit! It looks to be a nicer day today, certainly a different sight from Monday! The sun is about to get up in my face as I enjoy this space outside.

So it is done. Last night I booked my flight to see Aya! I find myself oddly looking forward to being in the work again. I will ask my questions starting now and be aware of any expectations I may create.

If I am truly understanding my intuition better, there is something tremendous here for me to discover and receive! I am so looking forward to seeing J. and R. again.

I believe it is time to join the London Real tribe. Brian Rose is singing my song. I like the feel of the place and ‘accountability’ going forward will be critical.

‘Simply submit’.

You know what’s important for you right now and it has nothing to do with what many others wish for you.

Stand your ground. There is nothing more important than your spiritual path!
You are ‘there’ and getting there, have patience with and forgiveness for your ignorance.

Your unconscious incompetence is always aligned with your true intention so that even in your fumbling and hacking about you are met with mostly favorable circumstances.

This morning I am off to Paris for a day of walking the store and tending to customers. It is my intention to attract a viable business partner to build with. I like Paris, there is still a sense of ‘functionality’ there, it is growing and I also sense a lot of smart, good people nearby.

How come I don’t feel this way about my home town?

It is like your family, a mirror for and, reminder of where you came from, from ‘what’ you came from. You set this game up quite perfectly for yourself. Isn’t it delicious to be able to look upon it all now and know the ending of this story is going to be EPIC!!?

Expect Miracles, you are a maker of them!

There is much love for you here.

Carry on…..


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