04-12-2016, Tuesday


“We find comfort among those who agree with us, growth among those who don’t.” – Frank A. Clark.
Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit! It is sunny and warm here at the kitchen nook, thank you for the break from “dullarity”.

I am having a “day off” unexpectedly as the schedule at work took a turn. I am grateful for my sense of flexibility.

I found myself eager to get back to the homespace to dig into my business.

Who do you know? Seems this is a question I must master asking.

Association is such a powerful factor on our journey. Awareness is the key to choosing your affiliations ‘wisely’.

“You know, you’re there,” was the message on Sunday. Stay your course, or as your wise sponsors would say, “keep doing what you’re doing”. If you hear that from someone you respect and admire know they are referring to that which serves to move forward.

Oh yeah. I just remembered the Baroque I downloaded yesterday! New habits. If I do not set up a way to bring my focus to them, they are gone in a flash!

*[Reminder to set up a Keep list for ideas and passing fancies.]*

1 Blog post per day – (You are doing that.)

OK, publish publicly your content – create a public ‘story’ from your raw material, the skeleton for it has already been created.

Share what you are finding and your insights around it.

I have a deep desire to influence others to action, as Lady Gaga aptly put, “I have so much more to offer than an image.” Pushing my content on others for the sake of a moment of ‘feel-good’ falls short of my grander vision.

I believe I qualify as one that regularly steps out of her comfort zone! Your strides are wider than most’s baby steps are necessary for most first. Catch others – as you do yourself – in their hopeful moments – it is from this vibe that they will gain ground.

If goals and affirmations are the foundation of a purposeful journey then start there. Challenge ‘them’ to put this truth to the test as you have, you already know it works.

It is like a pill yes? Your prescription is twice daily, are you doing it?

Sometimes leads to most times, and eventually you end up at always.


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