04-11-2016, Monday


Good morning Universe and Hello to my luminous friends and Spirits on another ‘side’! It is a messy, slushy morning with rain on top of a layer of fresh snow I’ll be wearing my new boots today.

Thank you for the lovely message through my sister yesterday! A.Q. if that was you – and I’m fairly certain it was – I love you. I got your message and the flowers are magnificent. I will see you in another game my love!

I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

I am blessed to experience the authentic part of others, some for longer than others, sometimes it’s a glimpse and sometimes for ‘years’.

I realize through our connection and your message that healing may not be achieved by some in this physical journey, the return to wholeness is too tremendous to take on.

I wonder at times myself if I will achieve full functioning before heading out? Abraham has assured us we will not, our work is complete for having created rockets of desire we each launch will be often ridden and piloted by another.

This is why it is so important to enjoy this journey “no matter what happens”.

I feel a wonderful tingling this morning. I am ‘there’. Push on, stay the course.

I am off to my little job to help out for a few days this week and weather aside, I am looking forward to it! Today I will go armed with some things to do.

Think higher of your performance, you still have lots of opportunity to be productive while helping out. There is very little to do aside from serve the customers and today there will be only a very bored and close few that will visit.

Task #1 – GOALS & AFFIRMATIONS – Just fuqqin’ do this one!

How many times, from how many revered leaders do you have to hear, “This works!”

Your ego has a bead on this one and does everything in its power to divert you from your path of true success!!

Yes you are afraid of success – ever wonder where your irrational fear of height comes from?

Your ego’s got this, and it is around 90% more brilliant than the unconscious you.

It is like tending to a toddler dealing with the Ego.

#1 – Goals & Affirmations – Dan Pena’s teaching. Review twice daily – upon waking and before sleeping.

#2 – List

#3 – Plan & Strategize – briefly

#4 – Take Action – kiss some frogs every day.

Until #1 is done, the rest is just masturbation.

Tonight! I WILL book a flight to Miami, at this time and space it is a very small risk for the return of a lifetime! Do it.


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