04-10-2016, Sunday


Good morning Universe and Hello my luminous Spirit! I have just come from watching a clip of Lady Gaga speaking on the importance of emotional intelligence, it was profound and I find myself curious about her Spirit and journey, I would like to edit out this piece to speak to. Oddly the headline on the video had nothing to do with what she said, but it was a nugget of gold for sharing!

*Idea: set up a list for future stories you want to tell.*

Allocate time each day to consistently write them out! Your personal insights and experiences that carves them are the raw material the luminary needs to share. Inspiration, motivation that leads to action are the buttons you are here to push.

I am off to church this morning, it’s back to Hope Memorial to say Hello again to Ms. Edwards and listen to my roommate’s talk on his purpose. I find myself looking forward to the visit since my last, much has happened within, I am curious as to what I will experience today! Isn’t it interesting how Flo Edwards keeps popping up into your journey. She has much to offer you as a wiser elder of your way of understanding.

Stand your ground emotionally, listen, watch and most important – feel it and flow it!


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