04-08-2016, Friday


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit!

It is another day out today and a busier one as I’ll be heading to Lorraine’s to have some fun with my Jeunesse family.

I feel a bit ‘lost’ at this time as I release myself from an old world to get to the new one.

[Right now my challenge is with Socrates the needy cat!] It is difficult to let this flow when he is attacking the pen and forcing his way onto the paper! Always with the cats!

Keep this pen moving, there is still time to flow.

Tonight will be fun as we gather to launch a test study of the new foundation created and now tweaked by Dr. Newman!

Rich opportunity! Please assist me to do what is necessary to authentically pay it forward to myself as a leader and luminary!

Perhaps it is time to audit myself again?


You are knowing you were born to Be this high-performance model you continue to attract.

You know the adjustments you have to make and in this current space and time you are ‘set perfectly’ to realize your true calling.

Last evening I finally got to see the ex as he posted a video to his VLOG.

What is a better way to respond rather than “I was right?!” I don’t have a need to be “right” in any form of judgmental way, that just doesn’t feel, well, “right”.

Validation of some of my “predictions” is actually contrary to me wanting to be right – sometimes I really wish I was “wrong”.

Here’s what’s interesting you asked this question out of frustration after focusing upon a mirrored aspect of yourself. You come from a subconscious need to be right in several contexts, your “self-righteousness” was natural and necessary so far on your journey. The need to let go of this need is unnecessary.

Back to the question –

You believe ‘everyone is right’. That is true for you in your understanding of how the whole cooperatively works.

You are really referring to validation and confirmation of your intuition, the rest of the muddle is your emotional response to the outcome, an outcome you have already had a good glimpse of.

When others are held ‘right’ in their beliefs there is only your preferences and perspective to address in any interaction. It is ‘the mirror’. You don’t stand in front of a mirror and blame the image in the mirror for your choices do you?

You do not have to imagine long to know what it must be like for them – and do not imagine long or often – have compassion briefly and keep moving. There always comes a point where your work is complete. Sometimes it will take a few seconds to determine this and sometimes years.

As an empathic one you have the blessing and benefit of ‘foresight’ or in your case, fore-feeling. As Abe says,

“You’ve got to FEEL your way along.”


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