04-06-2016, Wednesday


Good morning Universe and Hello my luminous Spirit! Thank You for the abundance of this life.

This morning I am off to Paris for today and a couple more after this. It’s the little things in life that can be the most pleasing. I notice a lightening of my vibe about this ‘little job’. It has been a wonderful experience for my perspective. I must find the Dan Pena audios for my commute this week! I am eager to listen to more of his wisdom. I already know by what I’ve seen and heard so far that he is someone I could trust with my character and soul, very much like I trust Aya.

I am falling in love with my intuition! I love the distinct feeling of “just knowing”.

I “like to think” I learned I need to be showing up at this space no matter what. With fuller days ahead please assist me to remain productive.

I will be here even if it’s for a shorter run. I believe remaining diligent in preparing myself the night before will be key!

All that should be left for me to do is my writing and dressing. Today I have a couple of things to tend to.

Let the magic and flow prevail!

Time to work on your tough!

Just fuqqin’ do it!