04-05-2016, Tuesday


Good morning Universe and Hello my beautiful Spirit! It is good to be alive today, the sun is bright and I am excited about a new trail of bread crumbs!

Just as I was to sit down here, I looked out and heard myself say with a tingly grin – “Guthrie Castle here I come“.

I am astounded by ‘how’ the Universe persists, I am seeing the connections between clues and this morning am left with the feeling of being ‘secure’ in my world.

You bet things are always working out for me!  And what a glorious entangled web we make!

In 2013 – early 14 I was heavily immersed in information about Ayahausca – my first experience was early November 2013. One of my favorite series of videos was by Brian Rose and his newer platform London Real – he was also having an experience with Ayahausca alongside Joe Rogan. Since landing at Mr. Rose’s YouTube channel I have popped in there once in a while impressed with the content.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2016..

My businesses’ upline organization launches a revolutionary new training system in January, as I make my way through the material I am introduced to Peter Sage – great trainer, I like him, and he seemed familiar so I Googled him. I was led by the first link straight back to an interview series at London Real – I must have subconsciously remembered and I was tickled pink to see two parts of my world tied together.

Brian Rose had made some changes and it appeared his mission had grown.

At the end of January ’16 I was to experience an event that I realize now will go down as one of the most significant on my journey so far, it was a ‘climax point’ for my previous 2 1/2 years working with Aya – a continuing adventure that will go to the next level the end of this month – April 2016.

Last week I happened to click on a link that lead me back to London Real again and this time I noticed he had a community there so I signed in. The gift sent back to me I am intuiting as another game changer. I am totally resonating with Dan Pena! I chuckled when I saw JMF was a mutual friend, yep that totally makes sense.

I am not missing the effects this is all having on Brian Rose, when he compares this experience to the benefits of drinking Ayahausca I am compelled to “pay attention”.

I am feeling the congruency of all of this!

The ‘hows’ of pulling ‘all of this’ together into a functioning new entity are about to show themselves.

Is Dan Pena a “Jim Rohn” of our time? I think he’s perfect! He makes me laugh for some reason. I think Brian Rose senses the same ‘imp’ in Mr. Pena that I do.

I will put a blog post together about this ‘story of calling’. Follow your intuition it will always be there for you and its whole aim is to steer you clear.

Wow! Time and space truly is all now.

Thank You for persisting with my foibles, at the end of the day I am grateful for the risks I have taken – even if they were at times made unconsciously – I feel that every decision has served me ‘right’.

It serves me right that I am single for now.
It serves me right that my son wants his autonomy.

It always serves Me right.


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