04-04-2016, Monday


Good morning Universe and Thank You my luminous Spirit for always being here for me!

I am instantly grateful as I make and decorate my sleeping spot each morning. This new environment is loving and kind, I feel supported in my chosen endeavours.

I am clear I have some changes to make and some stepping up to do yet!

I spent some more time last evening with Dan Pena after finding the initial interview with Brian Rose titled “Your First 100 Million”. This man intrigues me – perhaps even more than Ed Mercer did.

I am launching my intention to attend this castle seminar – I’ll need about $25,000 for that and I’d like it to come as a gift from my higher self! I really don’t know if I could handle it, but I am excited to try and will be grateful and transformed for having stepped up.

This has all made me consider ‘high-performance’ “vs.” my sense of excellence. I have to wonder if I have ever been a “high performer”, well I guess metaphorically?

I have always instinctively done the best with what I have had to work with, I’m sensing that my plea for assistance and my ‘missing’ is with respect to the higher performance factor. I believe I am able to be that, I guess I just lack the final guidance to get myself there?

The rest of your way here is going to require some ‘concentrated’ effort.

Julio is one in this bucket. He and others like Dan – certainly many of your previous teachers, trainers and facilitators are on mission to change lives.

We don’t want you to ‘unsee’ the wasted potential, we want you to pick wisely from it! Your new heart will be your most powerful ally in your challenge to become “emotionally tough”.

Stand between your realities and focus on the light, the open door will entice the ones you want to work with.

Your vision and purpose are much the same as the leaders you are attracting, you are the ready student.

I was struck by Dan’s statement about money when he said, “I’ve never paid a bill with Zen.”
It seems he is answering to some of the bigger questions coming up for me as I dig into what really makes me tick.

I am uber grateful for having found Aya! I am seeing a bigger picture on my self and realizing the magnitude of what I have had to ‘overcome’ to get to my desired ‘outcomes’.

Who is the/a female running mate with men like Pena? I am here once again feeling like ‘the only girl’.

You are surrounded by women that are your perfect models! You are sponsored by a line of them, have you asked anyone to ‘take you on’? You sense that you are not yet ready? Why the wait now?


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