04-03-2016, Sunday


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit!

Thank You Thank You for ‘right direction’!

Keeping the pen moving won’t be a problem today, I am tickled with the opportunities and new information coming at me.

Please assist me to act upon it all with wisdom and better choices.

I have just finished blowing my nose after reading the story of Steven Tyler and Anthony – what a “heart-sweller”.


We need more of that in the feeds please! I realize that I want to be out there doing stuff like that! I also realize no one gives a hoot who I am, and I don’t care if they know who I am in fact I can ‘feel’ the satisfaction of being an ‘anonymous angel’. As an observer and listener there are endless opportunities to make someone’s day, and once you are in the habit it is only a matter of momentum before you are ‘making someone’s life’. As you do for ‘that’, you make your own eventually.

So I had a great chuckle last night when I clicked on the exclusive link sent to me when I registered at London Real. It was to be my introduction to Dan Pena Sr.!

He is very much a “Trump-like” character! The 50 Billion $ Man. I really don’t believe I would have been ‘able’ to listen to him as soon as 2 years ago. I pulled a lot of my former trainings to the fore-mind while listening to his abusive language.

The delightful thing – and I am smiling as I write this – is that I get it! I believe I ‘get it’ because I resonate with their ‘fury’, I chuckle when I imagine myself taking on that level of toughness. I must be getting tougher to be able to sit through his intro and to want more!

I frequently recall that interaction with Aya when I asked, “What am I so angry about?!” And she said (in my father’s voice and tone), “Everything.”

That response didn’t help much even though it rang a tiny bell of truth in every cell, it was way too general to be useful information.

When Brian Rose said in his intro that guys like Trump and Pena are pissed off by the sheer waste of potential, I sat up straighter. In these ‘past weeks’ I have been given the gift of really ‘feeling’ the anger and disgust at the waste.

In considering my next lessons with Aya, I am making a mental list of questions. I am finding this process very similar to the experience of sitting in an Abe room, soon as the question bubbles up in me, it isn’t long before someone’s in the hot seat asking it on my behalf.

Once the question’s out there, the answer comes back swiftly, it is up to me to remain consciously connected to the events around me to glean the answers.

I am delighted by the way my disjointed reality eventually comes together. I found my way to London Real about 2 years ago while beginning my work with Ayahuasca. Brian Rose is mentored by Dan Pena and through Peter Sage who is now part of my Global Partners Group doing trainings in GoMentum! The world is indeed smaller than we ‘think’.

I am SO blessed to somehow find my way to the absolute BEST this world is NOW offering.

This is a huge clue to whom you really are.

The subconscious is filled with many ‘good things’ as well.

Expect the best!


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