04-02-2016, Saturday


Good morning Universe and Hello Spirit! It is a white-kissed morning and the sun is about to melt it all away at first chance. There are a few clouds in the way yet and I am hopeful for some sun warmth.

The joke yesterday was on me as I failed to show up here on fool’s day! It was a late one the eve before tending to the water in the basement. I found myself chuckling at the ‘irony’ of it all when I realized the circumstances were probably one of my manifestations. Only the ‘Abe crowd’ would understand my story. I am shown how focus expands once again and witnessing the reality of my ‘concern’. OK, got me – and technically on April 1st!

As I witness my world shifting around me – knowing it is the printout of what’s going on inside – I am delighted by the different people popping onto my radar!

My schedule is getting busier and I am taking each opportunity that comes along with grains of salt.

I am left asking, “how do I step it up?”

Just ask? Be authentic in your asking. Knowing your heart is now much more firmly “in its proper functioning”, knowing you come from your heart is all you need to know.

Holding the other accountable for a response is your work, not taking it personal or judging their response is the mastery.

If you are ‘mistaken’ by the other, let that be your filter. In the sifting and sorting game you are seeking those aware and willing to take it to a next level.

You are clear that any ‘expectations’ on your part cost you time, money and a piece of your sacred vibe.

You are most certainly not out to sponsor everyone – in fact, you are in the process of ‘re-sponsoring’ yourself. Once you are fully re-enrolled you know the others will step into the light with you.

You do not come across as someone that’s desperate because you know in your new heart you are far from that with all your blessings.

Who is OPEN NOW?

A good deal of the work you are about to do is going to stick this time, the rickety rungs on your old ladder to success are replaced by something solid and lasting, you are getting ‘traction’ on your journey and the leverage of the momentum you have been creating is reaching a tipping point.


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