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200,000 Plus Job Opportunities Created So Far…

5 years ago “eat and share chocolate” wasn’t on my list of ways to create income and give back to others, yet here we are today stuffing our faces with the world’s favourite food and getting paid very well for the privilege.  It’s an “out of the box” way to earn a living for sure and these days out of the box is where we need to look to find solutions.

During the worst recession since the Great Depression, at a time when the threat of another dip looms and unemployment is at an all time high, more people than ever are looking for their next opportunity to present itself, in fact, a large percentage of personal bankruptcy would be alleviated by an additional household income of $500 – $1000 per month.

According to Paula Pritchard, Field Advisory Board Member with MXI Corporation, The Healthy Chocolate Company and co-founder of “The Global Partners Group”, a training and development organization for the company’s active field team,

“Last month in the U.S., a low of 50,000 plus jobs were created. Almost half of those jobs were created by McDonald’s; the recessionary, comfort food franchise.”

Now crossing the $100,000,000.00 annual revenue mark, MXI produces the world’s most popular comfort food – chocolate, and this one is healthy, VERY healthy.  They are shipping out to about 32 countries and still opening new ones as this is being written.  They give back 50 cents on every dollar of their revenue to the consumers on the growing field team – their happy customers.

Doing the math, that’s a one time $50,000,000.00 profit pool, paid out to far fewer than 200,000 households, some have already made millions and momentum is just kicking in.  The company’s income disclosure statement shows average incomes that are exponentially larger than industry standard and the volume of chocolate eaten shows no signs of slowing.  Upon digging deeper into their story one gets a sense that this company is up to big things.  So far they have created new categories of products within their industry, and to go with them an ideal opportunity for anyone to alternatively invest in the hottest commodity on the market – cocoa – with about a $40.00 tax deductible real risk.  The return on that risk has no ceiling, the return on one’s well-being for the experience – priceless.

A family owned business with a billion-dollar track record, Xocai™ just celebrated its 6th birthday last month with an annual celebration attended by consumers from around the world.  So far MXI and its field team have created well over 200,000 plus job opportunities.  However, these are not traditional jobs because a chocolate sharer is not an employee, unlike the restraints of regular employment, their plan comes with no income ceiling, full-time pay for part-time hours, car and cruise bonuses…oh and one gets to eat chocolate guilt-free all day long as part of the job description.

This month`s release of the healthy milk chocolate peanut butter cup marks the creation of yet another brand new category of chocolate.  Along with it, the new “3in3” Executive bonus program and generous customer loyalty program all contribute to blowing this company’s revenue targets out of the water for yet another year!

Most people don`t know opportunities such as this exist.  In the Network Marketing model, traditional advertising is off the table, first-hand personal success stories are paid forward from one delighted and trusting consumer to another by word of mouth.  Utilizing the power of viral marketing is how the Brooks family can share their lucrative profit pool, they removed the middlemen and the advertising costs and rely on their customers to spread the word.  As much as the big retail outfits wanted this product line, it was not available to them.  This one’s for MXI’s loyal customers.

How does one waiting and watching for an opportunity, assess whether it’s a good one when it comes along?  Coming from the traditional job situation most are ill-equipped to make an educated, safe assessment.  As a sign of the times, most have little capital and time to spend, let alone waste on something that won’t work no matter how hard they work it.

Approximately 200,000 people join a Network Marketing company every month. Many are choosing companies with so-so products, much competition and cumbersome commission structures, some of them are high-risk, start-up companies.  Kudos to the many for going ahead and making a decision to just get started with something, however, a bad first experience to a newbie will blow them straight out of the water never to return to it!

And they’ll tell 2 friends who’ll tell 2 friends and so on, and so on…

It’s not about the chocolate…

For those fully on board with the MXI/Xocai™ program, it’s not entirely about the chocolate; it`s about a solution. Right now people need a solution to both their health and their wealth, MXI offers instant relief for both, instant because the newbie earns while they learn how to be successful and self-sufficient.

Going viral with the planet’s hottest consumable aside from coffee has already helped 1000’s and made millionaires of several in their 6 year existence with more on the verge every day.  The pay structure is lucrative, proven and unique.   Their exclusive, category creating product line is patented and branded.  MXI’s proprietary blend of cocoa based antioxidants are delivered in the form of delicious cold-pressed Belgium chocolate, their “secret sauce” has just been branded under the name XoVita.  Clearly they are gearing up for even bigger things as leaders in the medical, scientific and wellness sectors show up to validate and play alongside them.  Something significant is going on here.

How hard would it be to eat chocolate all day and tell others the story about it and what it’s done for them?  Eating and sharing chocolate can be incorporated into anyone’s lifestyle – especially the real busy lives, without stretching the budget or putting the existing family income stream at risk.

Different doesn’t mean difficult.

A good job may be hard to find and at the same time opportunities are plenty.  We now have access to owning a business of our very own, one that rivals McDonald’s in its ability to return – for about the price of a case of beer (in Canada).  What about the rest of the overhead?  Well we’re going to eat and enjoy the benefits of every nutritious and delicious Belgian bite of it!

Some of my friends that started with MXI when I did, have already made millions and yet they remain as leaders, engaged with sleeves rolled up teaching as many people as they can.

MXI’s cheques have been this household’s single source of income for 4 years.  I feel more secure about my future with this company than I did with my last opportunity as an employee of one of our most established Canadian corporations for 24 years.

I left that behind to learn and build this business, I get a bigger return for my effort and it has brought hope, fun and purpose back into my life at a time that’s scaring the pants off most.

You’ll know an engaged Xocai™ Healthy Chocolate distributor right away when you see them, they`re the one skipping to the bank to deposit their pay cheque with a big ol` chocolate-eatin’ grin on their face.

Who do you know in the healthy chocolate business?  I mean someone that’s really “IN”, someone that gets the vision of where this company is going and is going along with it?

If you’re looking for a real and solid solution to your situation, you may want to look into this, consider it an invitation to see what’s outside the box.  Our job as members of the MXI field team is to help you get what you want, it’s what we get paid for and there’s plenty of room on the team for more, lots more.

“The difficulty lies, not in the new ideas, but in escaping the old ones, which ramify, for those brought up as most of us have been, into every corner of our minds.”
– John Maynard Keynes

The Perfect Combination