Stuck together forever…

The buffer of time gives you the opportunity to get it right before it manifests, to take pleasure from the vision and from the moulding it into place… Can you imagine if everything was manifesting instantly? You would manifest this, and then you would manifest it away. And then you’d manifest that, and then… It would be a difficult thing if you were instantly manifesting every whim or every misaligned thought. It’s so much better that you have this buffer of time where you can feel it into perfection before it manifests into your experience. – Abraham

It’s been 8 full years since discovering the wisdom and philosophy of my friends Abraham and consequently of following my bliss and creating my own world “on purpose”, having said that, the creating doesn’t always originate from an entirely “conscious” state of mind. I am fully aware that EVERY thing in my experience I am “responsible” for and after almost a decade I can still be heard occasionally uttering the question, “What the f#*k?! How did I manage to create this for myself?!”

My intuitive hits are like the rumours of my mind and, like starting a good rumour, once a vision or idea picks up some momentum it’s hard to stop it from eventually manifesting.

Over this long span of constantly monitoring my own thoughts and feelings I have created a thought-record with which to map out how I got from there to here. This past year has been the best yet, driving home the fact that I have become masterful at creating that which I am really, really wanting – whether I knew I wanted it or not.

Using my personal experiences as examples it has always been very important to me to share my insights publicly for the benefit of others who may be looking on and seeking the same joy, peace and freedom that I continue to experience today.

Putting my self “out here” isn’t always comfortable because life’s greatest lessons come from the deepest personal experiences – the greatest teachings for all concerned originating from both the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows. I believe our personal stories are very important to each other’s well being.

The last time I posted was July, just before I declared that I would like to take life to the next level, what happened next reinforced the fact that we really need to “watch what we wish for”…and if you believe there is no such thing as coincidences, this story is pretty hilarious…

The first Saturday in August I was feeling a little bored and somewhat restless so I decided to turn on my online dating profile. I first signed on there sometime back in March after 4 years of being very, very single. A contrasting experience in February of 2006 had left me wanting a time out from partnering with another until I figured some things out. I decided at that time to convert my energies into my work and business for a while, I was more than content and 4 years flew by rather quickly with no notice of anything missing.
I call this stretch my “Chapter 11” phase after Napoleon Hill’s classic “Think & Grow Rich” under the title, “The Mystery Of Sex Transmutation – The Tenth Step Toward Riches” where it says,

“The meaning of the word “transmute” is, in simple language, “the changing, or transferring of one element, or form of energy, into another.”

It’s no surprise that I accomplished more in my professional and business life in those 4 years than ever before, and it was long enough, things were levelling out and something seemed missing. I started to ponder what having a partner would look like for me again after those years of solitude and personal growth.

So as I sat in front of the computer screen somewhat in protest for having to subject myself to the barrage of (somewhat lame) inquiries and comments from others at a dating site, I posted a search for those in my age-range within a 10 mile radius of home and amongst the dozens of profiles popped up one that caught my eye. I was looking for company, someone with similar interests, and given my diversity of same and non-traditional lifestyle, it is usually difficult to impossible to find another “just like me”, yet here was a profile with names in it like Abraham-Hicks, T. Harv Eker and Wayne Dyer – cool – so I sent off a message of greeting to see what would come back.

An email exchange ensued which lead to friend requests on Facebook where I was able to see who this person was more clearly, funny, he has the name of my Great Grandmother Louch, how cool is that? About 5 minutes after I added him to my friends list I heard from my Mother asking if he is related. No idea and I’ll find out.

We set up a time to meet for a coffee. I’d like to say that when I saw him it was love at first site and fireworks, and that wasn’t the case although there seemed a familiarity I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I liked him pretty much though, we had lots in common and upon inquiring about where his family was from found out they are from the same town, a very small and somewhat obscure place here in Ontario…hmmm…an intuitive hit told me we’re likely related. Neither of us knew much about the side of the family that may connect us.

Shortly after our brief coffee together I had an invitation to spend a day with him, a first date. We talked endlessly and crammed in as much information about our histories and preferences as we could get in. That day lead to another, weekends away and before we knew it a romance had ensued.

After a few weeks I was introduced to his Mom on Facebook and after telling her I had ties back to the Louch name she put her niece onto figuring out if there was a connection between us. It wasn’t long before I received a document which confirmed that we are indeed cousins, 4th cousins to be exact.

[Insert favourite redneck joke here.]

My Great-Great-Grandfather is the same guy as Ron’s Great Grandfather. Or another way, my Great Grandfather and Ron’s Grandfather are brothers, my Dad and Ron are 3rd cousins.

There’s about 6 Billion people in the world and the Universe had to match me up with a cousin! I have to admit, knowing one’s partner is family puts a bit of a different spin on the feel of the relationship. We are aware that even if things don’t work out over the long run, we’re still family, may as well make it work…

The cousin connection has added an extra kick to the relationship and a certain “respect” if you will. If we believe what Abe says about sticking to our families energetically over the generations reincarnate, well then this was pretty much destined to happen.

Did you know that 20% (likely more) of the world’s relationships are between cousins? That factoid kind of blew me away and obviously I resonated with the statistic on some level…

It keeps us laughing and I’m guessing it will never get old. I like him pretty much so we’ll see how it goes.

And Universe, you have one helluva’ sense of humour!

Once again, be careful what you wish for, and be prepared to get more than you did wish for, that you can rely on…