A lesson in manifesting from a little one…

I had to tell this story because it serves as a reminder of the power we possess to create our own reality, especially when we are young at a time or circumstance before we are led to believe we cannot do this.

This past weekend I had my niece and nephew for sleepover while Mom & Dad celebrated anniversary number 18.  It was a beautiful morning Sunday and we packed up Auntie Julie’s foraging cart and headed down to the Grand River to explore – about half a kilometer away.

They were very excited and I let them tell me where we were going.  There are trails everywhere and the water was fairly low so there was lots of directions to go.


On our first stop Ryan asked if there were any crayfish in the river.  I assured him there was and that he’d just have to watch carefully for them, however, there was none to be found here.  We carried on to the other side of the river where they spotted a “beach” we could sit on.   And as soon as we arrived there it was!  (One of the biggest crayfish I’ve ever seen.)


He wasn’t in the greatest shape and we decided it had beached itself to die.  Of course Ryan figured it was the perfect specimen for his aquarium so I assured him that wasn’t going to work out so well.  He was firing orders at me to pick it up and I encouraged him to do it himself.  It took some assuring that it wasn’t going to wake up and bite him, and he had no other choice if he really wanted it.  The look of joy in his face was precious.


Of course big sister is never upstaged…she ate it up…


Eventually we put the crayfish back where we found him, said good-bye and went on our way further up the trail.  The kids explored all the nooks and crannies along the way, and alerted me whenever they found a plant they knew I valued.

We came to a bench by the river’s edge, just atop a fishing spot where they wanted a “rest”.  It wasn’t long before I heard the squeal of delight as Ryan came running at me with the treasure he had found in the sand.

My surprise was genuine as I blurted out loud, “You have GOT to be kidding me!”

For Ryan’s aquarium the Universe manifested the perfect crayfish.  This is what he found…


“Oh look Auntie Julie it’s purple, your favorite color!”
“Yes.  I noticed.”
And we then had a little chat about coincidences and what they really are…

A great reminder from our little ones to stay in our bliss. All is well. Ask and it is given every single time.


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