Got Pets?

“Anything that gets you feeling good is the basis of everything else you want flowing to you.
Your beasts have it all figured out.”

~ Abraham

April 2013 – Photo By Kara Wilson

A couple of posts ago I told the story about Boy-Boy and am pleased to report that he returned to his home on Labour Day. On the morning of Wednesday, September 4th, we were pet-free, by the end of that day, there were 7 cats in our coat closet!

Upon her insistence that day, I found myself playing doula for our furry friend “Not Our Cat” as together we brought 6 healthy kittens into our world. It was a new experience for me and as a Law of Attraction believer, I take full responsibility for manifesting it into my reality, showing me yet again that the “Universe” does not hear “don’ts, nots and nos”, circumstances ALWAYS serve me right and what I focused on definitely expanded.

As I went through the motions and watched the miracle of birth unfolding before me, it was clear that life would be different for at least a couple of months. Once tucked in bed and after a moment of silence, Ron’s comedic and exasperated comment tickled my funny bone as he stated the obvious, “We have 7 cats.” My response was, “Well YOU let her in the house!” The absurdity of what had just happened set in and we giggled ourselves into slumber.

All distractions being equal, this new family of fur babies was now counting on us, it has been an absolute joy and delight watching them grow and develop. They were exactly the interruption our moods needed at the time and 5 months later, they are the gift that keeps on giving.

We were blessed with 4 females and 2 males, each one of them with their own personalities, traits, quirks and habits. It was also apparent that Mama cat had been abandoned since first meeting her and in looking at a post-natal picture, I’m sure she was underfed and stressed by life on the street.

She has made herself a home here now, is double her previous size and although the whole experience has been very satisfying, we have seen to it that there’ll be no more kittens by her, she’ll be staying on with us as long as she’ll have us.

Gizzie stole our hearts immediately, she is adorable and expects to be adored.

We are happy to have found wonderful homes for 5 happy, healthy kittens, and have finally settled into “normal” life with 2 cats.

The kittens have been a Facebook sensation and although I haven’t posted much along the way, I have been saving the pictures taken by ourselves and others and have assembled them in a Flickr album here:

The Kittens

Last family shot before shipping out the boys!


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