Gettin’ Jiggy With Fear

Do What Is Right
Created on my first printer, full of holes and stained from hanging on my fridges and dream boards over the decades, this simple icon still remains as a reminder.

It isn’t often I sit down to watch a movie, I am very particular about my entertainment with great respect for what I subject my eyes and mind to, time is precious so if I’m going to invest it in a story, it has to move me in a positive direction and if it’s really good I’ll be thinking about it long after.  Like most, I have my favourite actors and actresses and I’ll take a chance on anything they produce because of what I know about them and the excellence they continually represent. Will Smith is one of those actors.

As I peruse his list of accomplishments at, I am struck by the tremendous amount of energy and passion he has for his work. I have followed him more closely since finding some stories about him on YouTube.  Mr. Smith is a fellow “deliberate creator” so I am always inspired by his message and perspective on life.

Will loves living, he works hard doing what he loves and for our benefit, the results are evident:

“I never did it for money, it was never about the money. My experience has been that if you do things for money you make bad choices. Do what you love and you’ll learn how to make money doing what you love.
You’ll tear yourself apart if you aren’t doing the thing you love most in life. And you know what it is right now.”

I found one of his latest creations “After Earth” while searching for something to kick back with and was delighted to see that he both wrote and produced this wonderful sci-fi adventure, directed by M. Night Shyamalan – best known for movies like The Village, The Lady In The Water and The Last Airbender amongst others. And as a bonus, this one starred he and his son Jaden. It is truly inspiring to browse the Filmographies of this father and son duo and until I wrote this, I had no idea just how much work they have done together, in fact it gives me a lump in my throat and makes this particular movie a little more real.

So I popped us some corn, cuddled up on the couch and hit play. At 50 minutes into it the main character and archetype – Cypher Raige played by Will, told a story to his son Kitai that had us backing up to hear it again. I have transcribed the main message as another personal reminder and hopefully it leaves you with the desire to watch this movie yourself to provide context which is a primary tenet for the plot (which I will not spoil for you):

“Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist. That is near insanity Kitai. Now do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real, but fear is a choice. We are all telling ourselves a story and that day mine changed.”

The reason this is so applicable is in the rest of the story, so when you watch this great flick I want to hear your thoughts. Remember, there is no real danger in sharing your perspective, in fact the rest of us need you to do so. If that idea frightens you, stop right now and ask yourself, “Why”?

I have always been fascinated by my own sense of fear, I don’t seem to feel it like it is usually portrayed, and I do know that at the end of all the thinking about it, the only thing I’m truly afraid of is the fear of my own fear.

“Just Do It” Nike says, or as Susan Jeffers shouts out from the title of her classic read “Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway.” Let fear motivate rather than paralyze you. That is the true nature of courage, we wouldn’t have courage without fear, they are not opposites, courage is the act of doing what is right without giving way to fear! It is here we find our personal “rites of passage”.

On YouTube search: “Will Smith Law Of Attraction” for more.

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