Finger painting anyone?



One morning this past summer, my companion was getting ready to head out to do some work for his Mom. He dressed wearing a very extra large and baggy (comfy), old work shirt. I made a comment about his comfy shirt and as we chatted I was suddenly presented with a memory of kindergarten when we used to wear our fathers’ old shirts backwards to protect our clothes from the mess of craft time and especially flying finger paints! I hadn’t given finger painting any thought at all since.

What I recall most about that moment of remembering is that it came with the same warm, fuzzy, fun feelings that I remember from when I was 5. It felt good. It was a nice memory and I was thankful for it.

Our conversation ended with the discovery that my companion had never finger painted in school, alas, how unfortunate I thought and on we go about our day.

Later upon returning home he loaded some boxes and bags onto the kitchen table. Mom was doing some spring cleaning and getting rid of stuff and thought we might want something…

Well guess what was in one of the boxes?!

Wait for it…

Finger Paints



Both of us about doubled over with laughter, followed by amazement at how the events of life unfold in our favour, it was good to have a co-creative witness to this event, because usually, you just have to be there.

For me, the real punchline lies in the fact that the purple can is the fullest. 😉

There are no coincidences!

Pay attention to your thoughts, they’re creating your story…

Now, I’m off to find finger painting paper!!

And, is there a “usual way” to finger paint?

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