Family Reunion Time!

The Whole Gang
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It’s been 6 years since my son and I joined the rest of the family for a few days of summer fun and frolic at our favorite spot in Northern Ontario.

I’m pretty sure I learned more about myself in the few short days with my family than I learned in the previous 2 seminars I attended just days before!

My Boy!

My son and his cousins represent the 5th generation on Red Cedar Lake Camp! My Great Grandfather helped to build one of the fishing camps on the lake. 250 miles North of Toronto, my Grandmother talks of 12 hour drives on rutted roads sleeping on the floorboards of the family car as a child. Today the drive is just under 5 hours with widened and paved roads!

Our summer getaway is a serene and fairly untouched lake. It sits on Crown land and there’s very few private property owners on the lake itself. The energy of the place rejuvenates the soul and quiets the mind, even though it takes a couple days to acclimatize to the slower, more relaxed pace! We catch the most fish too! After 5 generations we are “at one” with the fish…

Jeff Coombs

Can I come in too?!

I’m always pleasantly surprised at how “functional” our family is in this environment, the drama and challenges get put aside and left behind – fun is the focus of the days. Rich customs and rituals have developed over years of gathering together for the annual time-out. July is a month of anniversaries – Mom & Dad’s 46th this year, birthdays and first times in the water!

Baby's First Swim

We had so much fun, next year we have reservations to stay for a month!

Brother Jeff

Until then…keep a tight line eh?!