Celebrating Life on a High-Antioxidant Diet

On an anniversary of new awareness and extreme well-being.

Nothing is more important than feeling good.
– Abraham-Hicks

Next week marks 4 years since my chance meeting with “the healthy chocolate”, it has kept me fascinated and delighted since we met, and today, this story is not so much about chocolate as it is about the awareness it has lead me to.   Healthy chocolate seduced me into a whole new world of information and resources for increasing and enhancing “quality of life” on all levels.

Over the years I’ve lent considerable time and energy to some major projects that greatly impacted the way I view myself and the world around me and to this day, NOTHING has been as significantly life-transforming as experiencing first-hand the power of  high levels of antioxidants upon my mind and body.

I have dubbed this experience as “Star Trek Live” because of the amazing things I have witnessed, things I wouldn’t have believed possible if I hadn’t seen them with my own eyes or felt them in my own body.  I am grateful to be “ahead of a curve” in this “everything old is new again” knowledge.

4 years ago I hadn’t even heard words like free radical or antioxidant; today one simply has to Google “antioxidant benefits” to find plenty of – fairly recent – information about what they do for us.  The benefits that one reads about are absolutely true and one quickly realizes as they click on, that somewhere along the journey we have been collectively “lead astray” from our own power sources.

Mom nature, in concert with the brilliance of our science and technology has indeed whipped up some things special for us to “get better with”.  I am extremely grateful for my trust in intuition and instinct, when I follow them, they always lead me away from conventional non-serving ways and straight to the “more and better” that I desire for myself and those I love.

I have learned that some things ought not to be evaluated by price alone, that getting older does not mean getting decrepit, that things I thought I’d have to live with in this body are “repairable” and the biggest confirmation; physical and mental suffering is very, very “optional”.

It has become a universal truth for me that whenever a problem presents itself; the perfect solutions to it are also packaged up with it.  The coolest thing is, if one is focused in a serving way, the solutions are often seen before the problem!  I call this “prevention”.

As I put the years behind me and get better at being “the observer” of my experience, I become more and more aware of the patterns that emerge along the time line of my life’s journey.  Themes pop up as I look back and sets of circumstances repeat themselves in the most delightful…and sometimes frightful ways!

I didn’t come here to this world to fix anything and yet I am continually called upon to be and affect “change”.  I’ll continue to passionately spread the word about what I have found and can only hope that my example leads others to trust their intuition and instinct to follow.

We live together in a very tiny and delicate bubble on this planet we call Earth, all of us and it connected in ways we cannot see or comprehend on a conscious level.  There’s plenty of room and more than enough for all of us in it.

Feeling good is our natural state; anything that deviates from that state is unnatural.  We always have everything we need to create whatever we desire, whenever we’re ready.

So are ya’ ready?

I haven’t listed all my improvements here in this writing as they are more personal and amazing than this venue allows me to post about, and I am free to tell my story in person so call me and I’ll “tell all”.  My friends and I are part of one of the largest scale personal clinical trials ever to go down in the history of health and wellness.

It’s worth it to find out what’s in it for you too.  Embrace change and expect the best because nothing is more important than feeling good!

Happy Anniversary!