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Raising A Glass To Napoleon Hill


October 26, 1883 – November 8, 1970

One of my life’s favorite heroes and mentors, Mr. Hill left us when I was 8. He remains as one of my best models for what it means to leave a legacy behind, one that has saved this butt’s bacon on more than one occasion over the last 2 decades, especially so over the last 10 years as I committed to complete responsibility for my personal development.

Thank You for your continued guidance Mr. Hill!! May our paths cross again! Cheers!

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Free Your Mind And Your A$$’ll Follow…

About 3 years ago, while sitting in my home office I had a defining moment that was a significant catalyst for change. As I sat pondering what I needed to do or become next to get to the things I desired most for me and mine, I heard that little voice from within ask the question,

“What would your world look like if the Internet was gone tomorrow?”

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I’m not here to fix anything; I’m here for fun. – Abraham-Hicks

Ian, Julie & Judy
MXI Canadian Ambassadors & Millionaire Members

Ian & Judy Murray from Uxbridge, Ontario
My angels in waiting…

I’m fairly certain by now that chocolate IS here on this planet to fix everything…well almost everything, as we heard this past weekend, and have come to know by our experiences with others over the years,

Chocolate doesn’t fix stupid!!
— Kerry Dean – Brand New MXI Ambassador Distributor & MXI Canada Rockstar

(You had to be there; that one-liner and its delivery brought the house down!)  And, as a side-note, no sooner were the words out of her mouth and a study was released to indicate chocolate may actually make you smarter after all!

No kiddin’ here’s the article:
“Cocoa’s ‘mind-altering’ experience…”

I’ve just returned from my company’s 4th annual general celebration at the Peppermill Resort & Casino in Reno, Nevada. 2000 or so healthy chocolate eaters and sharers poured into the hotel for a weekend of learning, partying and the sharing and celebration of their year’s successes, I heard many inspiring stories and met people that otherwise I would not have the benefit of their valuable wisdom.

This month marks 2 ½ years since I made the decision to run with The Healthy Chocolate business, this is my second celebration and something has definitely “shifted”. It has evolved and continues to evolve into the icon I intuitively felt it would be since the very first time I heard the words “healthy chocolate”.

There’s just something magical about the cocoa bean from Mother Nature! There were folks in the room selling t-shirts with slogans like, “there’s nothing wrong with me that chocolate can’t fix.” We listened to new songs and poems were recited, there was a new 150 page cook-book, jewelry, buttons and even Fifth Avenue clutch purses a brilliant young Lady made out of the left-over wrappers the chocolate comes to us in!! The President of the company wants to run with that one!

Chocolate is the ultimate seduction, by consumption it masterfully and naturally seduces us into feeling better and doing better so that we may have better…and I cannot and shall not resist it!!!

This past weekend was all about “Family”. The business is family-value based and the torch is being passed down to the next generation to run with it and take it to the next level. We were given the opportunity to know life on the inside with the Founders of the company, they laid themselves open to us and thanked us for our support by treating us like Royalty. This one is their Baby and they are doing everything with excellence, the track record is solid, the resources are in place and all that’s left to do is “lift off”, I’ve got my seat on the rocket and I’m hangin’ on for dear sweet life!

Andrew Brooks’ 20-20-60 Rule
The success of this company comes down to 3 things,
20% is the product, 20% is the business management team,
60% is because of the loyalty of its distributors.

The focus was primarily on having fun and building relationships between the different teams that make up the 125,000 chocolate-eaters base. In previous network marketing models “cross-lining” or associating with others in other lines of business was a huge “no-no”. With the subtly new business model we have here it is in everyone’s best interest to co-mingle, swap ideas and even strategically partner for the purposes of assisting each other in this tremendous time of growth.

I haven’t seen so many people speak so much personal truth, it was a bubble I felt comfortable sharing and asking questions in, and in current times, I need to constantly hear more about what’s real and observe what is possible!

We danced the night away in our ball-gowns and tuxes, ate amazing meals and drank way too much, all for the purposes of letting loose, connecting with and getting to know others on the team. Short on sleep and never in our rooms, we played in the casino and danced around the gaming tables to some rockin’ bands late into the night and hung out at the pool sipping pina coladas and mojitos while sharing our stories and rewards of success and challenge!

With this particular opportunity we are re-inventing an industry and moving up the ranks within the compensation plan structure very quickly now, and quicker yet to come…

On Saturday night after the event concluded, several of our “top ‘o’ the pay plan” distributors and team leaders had the top floor of one of the resort’s towers and the suite parties began! The bars were well stocked and the food was plentiful! 100’s of people filed in and hopped from suite to suite to visit with, toast and thank the leaders that otherwise they will only hear and work with over the phone until next year’s event!

My sides are feeling it from the endless laughter, my hips from the dancing and my heart from the connecting. I received the clarity and support I desired to take my business to a level it’s never been to before!

Robert Allen said, “You will make 1000 times more money teaching what you know and love than actually doing what you know and love. I believe there’s a bunch of people that need to learn the art of freedom and ease in their lives and it is my intention to teach them by my example.

It’s tough to walk away from a time and space such as this event untouched on some level by the experience. It was “precedent-setting” in the industry in general, we haven’t seen an entity such as this for some years, nor have we needed something that represents the proverbial “hero” so much.

Recession you say? What recession? Some of us out here are choosing not to participate in that…

First I seek joy, and all else follows, sure as day follows night…

Reward thyself.
–Sandy Chambers – First MXI Canada Ambassador

You are not here to fix anything,
because nothing is broken,
but everything is continually
changing and expanding.

Release your struggle, and seek
joy and fun, and in doing so,
you will align with the fantastic
expanding rhythm of this Universe.

–Abraham-Hicks Well-Being card

Do You KNOW Unconditional Happiness?

It’s been 10 years since I read John Gray’s classic book
Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.
Reading that book was – as usual – perfect timing for where I was at at the time!

While listening to John Gray speak at Seminar of the Century a couple of weeks back, I was quickly reminded of how much I love his stuff and why! I was also presented with lots of “emotional memories” of a time when my whole world was shook.

John Gray was an energetic, entertaining and engaging speaker! He presented us with some new and cool information and solutions.

At the seminar he gave out 500 copies of his book to the first at the table, today I checked out Amazon, one can get a copy for 19 cents. Don’t let the pricing affect your perception of value, it seems that John Gray wants to give this one out! It’s too important not to!! 🙂

The Mars & Venus Diet & Exercise Solution
Create the Brain Chemistry of Health,
Happiness, and Lasting Romance

Funny thing…it’s been on my bookshelf for 6 months. That’s where it landed when it arrived with my Isagenix startup kit. Although I loved John Gray’s previous work, this one said “Diet & Exercise” on it so I filed it for later…it wasn’t calling to me at the time. I figure if I had noticed the sub-title of the book I might have been more motivated to read it, and the 2 words that triggered me are most prominent!!

So as I sat “gloating” over the fact that I already had a copy of the book, I was also aware of the fact that I hadn’t really noticed it yet. It is now off the shelf and on the reading table! I bet that with everything I’ve got going on now that it has to be one of the most perfect books for me!

So far I have been applauding all the way and am inspired to share a small excerpt that blew me awaywhen I read it…

I don’t think anyone I’ve read or listened to so far has so eloquently described the state of “unconditional happiness”, it is encouraging to me to know that I recognize it – this description IS what I live and what I want for others to KNOW!

Excerpt from The Mars & Venus Diet & Exercise Solution pg 29:


Unconditional happiness means you smile for no reason at all, execept for being alive. Certainly, life has its ups and downs, but through it all you are happy. This happiness is not an abstract concept but a tangible feeling that pervades your life with such emotions as enthusiasm, excitement, joy, and pleasure. Put simply: Even little things make you happy, and big problems don’t knock you over. At difficult and challenging times, when things upset you, you are quickly able to come back to a warm feeling of gratitude for the good things in your life. In the bigger context of all the good in your life, the negative no longer has a grip on your mood.

Unconditional happiness doesn’t mean that you are not dependent on circumstance to make you happy. Whatever the circumstances, good or bad, you are rooted in your ability to see the whole picture. You don’t drop into a depressed state by focusing on the negative and forgetting all the good in your life. Whenever someone is unhappy or depressed, that person has temporarily forgotten the good things about his or her situation.

In the zone of unconditional happiness, you may feel sad or disappointed after a loss, but not unhappy. You may feel angry and frustrated when you don’t like what has happened, but not unloving. You may feel afraid in the face of loss or danger, but you are still in touch with your inner confidence. To be courageous does not mean you have no fear. It means you act in spite of your fears.

All imbalanced mental states – worry, hate, anxiety, depression, for example – result from focusing on the negative in life to the exclusion of the positive. These states of imbalance can now be measured by brain SPECT imaging, which gives a picture of the imbalance of activity in the brain. Different parts of your brain become overactive or under active. With balanced brain chemistry you are able to see the whole picture and avoid focusing on the negative.

No matter how bad things get, there are still many things to be grateful for. If you are in balance and things upset you, you quickly regain your balance by feeling the positive feelings as well.

Experiencing unconditional happiness is like lying in a warm bathtub and enjoying the waves of pleasure that come from moving in the water or feeling the water move over you. Some things make you more or less happy, but you are always connected to your essential nature, which is to be happy. When the water is still, you may even forget that it is warm, but once there is movement you feel it again. Likewise, you may forget you are happy, but all it takes is doing something enjoyable and a wave of happiness fills your being with joy and gratitude.

10 years ago when I read “Men Are From Mars…, I was at the apex of a somewhat emotionally messy separation from a partner that – to this date – co-created a situation that has been a catalyst for some of the most important lessons thus far in my life. My partner read the book straight after I finished it and what could have been disaster was largely relieved. Since that time I have held John Gray (and the Universe) responsible for my psychic and personal safety overall.

I stand in pure appreciation for the experience, without it, I wouldn’t be typing this to you now I suspect! 🙂

A little understanding goes a very long way, in hindsight, the situation at the time was a clear example of how one little shift in understanding can create a HUGE and positive end result!

I’m off to read the rest of the book now… 😉

Have You Had Some Healthy Chocolate Today?