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Build Your Self To Build Your Business

Use The Power Of Online Social Media To Shine Your Light And Point The Way…

You don’t have to look far or listen too long before you see or hear something about “Web 2.0”, a newly evolved version of the Internet experience that includes the massive power of things like “Social Networking” and “Social Media Sites”. You know them as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube.

As a pioneer and surfer on the leading edge of technology and “online collaboration”, and an expert in “long-distance” relationships and team-building, I don’t really see “Social Networking” as anything new, in fact I consider “socializing” a lost art – long gone lost.

No matter what instrument one uses to get their thoughts and feelings across, they have to be willing to share them first and listen to those of others – first we sow, then we reap.

I am often complimented on my “writing skills”. From my side of that – and thank you – the ability to put my thoughts and feelings here on this web page is not because I’m a writer, it’s because I don’t particularly give a rip what people think about what I think, say or write…(wasn’t always so) and well that’s not entirely true, I care what SOME people think…and I am continually letting go of the “need to please everyone” mentality.

Doing anything to please another is a trap in itself, let alone trying to please them ALL, it’ll never happen and it’ll drive anyone to some form of private debauchery for trying!

I have learned how to tell a story, and I call this story-telling over the net, “talking in type”…proper spelling, grammar or punctuation is optional and, if you’re a texter, as you know – not recommended! I feel free to invent new words along the way if it helps to get a concept across or meld together ideas and we now have video and audio for those that aren’t comfy with their “thoughts-to-words” assembling skills.

I believe what we are seeing manifest here and now is another go-round of the “Mom & Pop” days, this time on a global level, with exponentially more leverage for each individual involved. Some newly coined words for this phenomenon as it is unfolding are popping up to define the direction we are headed, “brandividuality” or “brandividualism” are recent additions to the new dictionary.

Your Name” is what you are building the credibility of, not the companies, partnerships and products that are part of your business or financial portfolio. There is only One “You” – that “individualism” you bring to the global marketplace is what’s irreplaceable and in-doable by any other individual in the Universe!

If you are good at offering value, anything behind you is good and others will want to know what you’ve got, what works for you will likely work for them too. 

The more value I bring to my marketplace, the more I know I will be rewarded in kind and beyond, my spreadsheet shows me that I’m beginning to understand the concept, the understanding shows up in real numbers called “positive results”, which equates to real dollars in my bank accounts.

Perhaps those too familiar with you or that have “history” with you are tired of hearing about or from you for one reason or another? Maybe you came from a place you want to forget about, start fresh and create a new environment or a new You altogether?

I’ll guarantee you there are an unlimited number of people just waiting to hear your stories, what you learned from your failures, they’ll cheer you on and help you to celebrate your successes, if you share them.

Share that which inspires you in your moments of inspiration and your voice will carry farther than you can imagine and land exactly where it needs to be heard. Your voice matters and you will be heard if you just show up and give a shout out!

I have an associate that calls herself, “The 10 Years Too Late Girl”, although “late” is, most definitely better than never with persistence, by comparison to my friend’s story, I then have to call myself, “The 10 Years Too Early Girl”. It seems I’ve been waiting for at least that long for my vision to come together and manifest into my physical reality, for others to “get it”, interesting thing is, 10 years later, my unique offering is still needed, my niche still exists! As much as I come and go, my “calling” remains the same.

I bill myself as an “Ambassador For Connection”. I notice the “connecting” part of the equation is still missing for a lot of people, I see them walking, I hear them talking, and still they stand alone and afraid to trust or move forward…

I have 100’s if not 1000’s of people in my organization that say, “I have run out of people to talk to”, the ones that are left on their list, they have reconsidered working with – and usually I cannot blame them! They want out of that existing circle, into something entirely new and are generally both the army and the General of their one-man army in the beginning of their venture. They lack the time and energy to “push ropes” and the financial resources to go out and meet a whole different crowd or even 1 or 2 good friends –

…relationships, no matter how you do them, take time and most importantly personal focus and energy, relationships are the true overhead of any of life’s endeavors. Nothing manifests in my world unless another shares my vision, I have accomplished nothing strictly “on my own”.

All I need to ask a person is “Are you on Facebook yet?” and I can instantly tell by their body language and response what they know about it, few know much – they are where I was 10 years ago, I am called to fill a need, to inspire others to dip their toes in the proverbial waters…

More than once I have been in high-powered marketing seminars and snicker when a speaker makes reference to “the greatest marketing plan ever launched” – in reference to the marketing behind “The Secret”. I snicker because I was in on that master plan from the beginning, and there really wasn’t one! The power of that “little film” was driven by a small handful of people with unstoppable passion and belief in something they absolutely knew worked and would make a difference on a massive scale! Tip the scale it did.

Those of us in charge of getting the word out about this new program all had a talent for “natural promotion”, for putting our excitement “out there”, we had big mouths, worked diligently and had a whole lot of fun along the way! We knew what we wanted “The Secret” to do (before it was even called that) and it did it! We gathered together 1000’s of people online months before there was ever a finished product…we did that on total faith, I invested at least 2 years sweat, energy and real dollars into that project once the dust all settled from it. I recall many times looking up and asking that this project please be a success…it was one of my life’s greatest learning experiences in business.

If a small handful of people can gather the attention and focus of 10’s of 1000’s of others from around the world over a few months, how many can you gather with your enthusiasm and appreciation for life over 1 to 2 years?

If you follow the stories of the successful it is easy to see that their successes were had because of a relationship with another. 1 or 2 great connections can change the course of life and business.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Get out there and start spreading your valuable insights, ideas, visions and dreams, you’ll be surprised at who shows up to join you for the ride!

Here’s some statistics that should make you sit up a little straighter!

  • Facebook has 200 million members and climbing.
  • YouTube visitors are viewing 13 billion videos a month.
  • LinkedIn has over 15 million businesspeople networking.
  • Twitter is growing at over 40% a month.
  • Digg and Delicious are driving millions of visitors to websites every month.
  • GoogleWave is on the way – it’ll likely capture the best features of the above list!

As an aside note, I noticed just the other day that the first ever Instant Message system I used extensively over a decade ago has almost 1 BILLION ID numbers registered if not more – that would be the legendary “ICQ”, short for “I Seek You”, for it’s time it was brilliant and changed the face of the Internet forever. I’ll never forget the space I was in the first night I fired up “ICQ”, it was one of those moments in life that fueled a vision I continue to chase today, in fact here I am a decade later and as quickly as some things change, other things just don’t change at all, it seems my unique offering is still in high demand…

As I type this, I hear an old friend’s voice in my head, she used to shout to her lingering little ones,

“hey kids get outta’ the house for a while and blow the stink off!”

Go find a couple of new friends that think like you do and dream like you do! These relationships might start on Facebook or Twitter or any of the other nooks or crannies where people hang out on the net, and I’ll guarantee you eventually you’ll be in each other’s arms if it’s a connection that’s meant to be…and who knows what wonderful things you will create for us all together!

I Am an Ambassador For Connection, I facilitate in the connection, awareness and transformation of those ready to take on the journey…and because of that there is always enough money to live the life I choose, to enjoy myself, contribute and invest!