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Ode To A Life’s Partner…

I heard his name from across a crowded room on a cold January morning and since that moment, life has never been the same….

He is complex, dark, alluring, seductive, smooth, rich, totally satisfying and fulfilling! Too much of him leaves me intoxicated with bliss, he enhances the quality of my life experience and provides me complete sustenance and frequent, luxurious reprieves from the (sometimes insane) world outside my own. He enhances my personal passion and makes me feel sexy, youthful, full of vitality and strong in my own mental and physical powers. He helps me to stay focused on my path and motivates me to be a better “me” from a place deep inside.

I have totally surrendered to my gnawing desire for him several times a day for almost 2 years now. Whether it’s upon waking; one of the many times throughout the day or [ooh-la-la] before I go to sleep, every time we come together my world shudders at a cellular level. After having him inside me all day so frequently, the outside’s toxins are swept away and somehow [long loud sigh] reality is a little more peaceful and clear. He is my fountain of youthful being…my body, mind and spirit is left uplifted, refreshed and renewed…

He has helped me consistently remove over 40 years of personal trash, and continues to take out the garbage every time I request it of him, his efforts are unmatched by any other I’ve been with for any length of time!

Like myself, he was formed from and born to Mother Nature and assures me life will always be full of vitality, abundance and prosperity if I let him and others like him into my life profusely. He reminds me that he is here for me and not going anywhere anytime soon. He was here long before I came and will be here long after I am gone. And while I am here, he is my personal body guard, swift and powerful in the punch he packs when he stands in protection of me from unwanted intruders!

Sometimes I call him “The Dark Knight” and other times I refer to him as “Mr. Bean”, he always answers to either one and adapts to every situation he’s consumed by, at any time he can be focused and determined or fun and goofy.

He is loved by almost all my family and friends, unconditionally showing up at his best for anyone that will have him, male, female, young or old! And yet, he is often misunderstood by many, he remains a mystery in the ignorance of those who haven’t fully explored the depth of his generous and giving nature.

Alas, even in the light of new and undeniable discoveries into his true intentions and nature, association with him is still considered “sinful” by most. Many choose to relate with him “behind closed doors”, living in secrecy and fear that they will be judged weak in their self-will or lascivious in their desire for him and everything he represents.

As we continue to dance together in perfect synchronicity my world expands and strengthens in its stability every day. I am never without him now, he goes everywhere with me.

As my Grandmother used to say – with vigor – when in the presence of such an attentive and charming hunk,

“Oooooh I could just eat him up!!”

  • “There is nothing in the world like chocolate. It is luxurious, sensuous, delightful, passionate, inspirational, sexual and exciting to all senses.”
    — David Wolfe “Naked Chocolate”

  • “‘Twill make old women young and fresh;
    Create new motions of the flesh,
    And cause them long for you know what,
    If they but taste of chocolate.”

    — James Wadsworth “A Curious History of the Nature and Quality of Chocolate”

  • “It’s not that chocolates are a substitute for love.
    Love is a substitute for chocolate.
    Chocolate is, let’s face it,
    far more reliable than a man…”

    — Miranda Ingram

  • “After about 20 years of marriage, I’m finally starting to scratch the surface of “what women want”. And I think the answer lies somewhere between conversation and chocolate.”
    — Mel Gibson, Actor

  • “Chocolate is a perfect food as wholesome as it is delicious, a beneficent restorer of exhausted power, but its quality must be good, and it must be carefully prepared. It is highly nourishing and easily digested, and it is fitted to repair wasted strength, preserve health, and prolong life. It agrees with dry temperaments and convalescents; with mothers who nurse their children; with those whose occupations oblige them to undergo severe mental strains; with public speakers, and with all those who give to work a portion of the time needed for sleep. It soothes both stomach and brain, and for this reason, as well as for others, it is the best friend of those engaged in literary pursuits.”
    — Baron von Liebig, German Chemist, Mid Nineteenth Century

  • “The persons who habitually take chocolate are those who enjoy the most equable and constant health and are least liable to a multitude of illnesses which spoil the enjoyment of life.”
    — A. Brillat-Savarin, Physiologie de Gout

Did you get yours today and was it good for you?

Surrender to the absurd…

Call me and I’ll hook you up. There’s only one that’ll do it for you and there’s an abundance of him to go around…

Discover the difference unprocessed raw cacao makes, experience fine chocolate as food.
Chocolate in the News

The Art Of Fulfillment & Decision Based Destiny

I’ve just finished watching a 20 minute video at… AGAIN, this time I took notes! Ted has become one of my favorite resources for good stuff and shaping my perspective on the world. Yesterday a dear friend sent me on a link to a clip by Tony Robbins that is absolutely smashing!!

Tony Robbins coaches the best of the best in the world and although I’ve never been highly exposed to his teachings directly, I have benefited greatly through his followers as have we all.

In this clip the room is full of some of the world’s best citizens, major contributors and successful already by anyone’s standards. It’s really true, learning never stops as long as we’re breathin’, there’s always more to know and contribute to!

Tell me if you know who it is in the front row that cracks Tony and the audience up completely and notice how Tony gives it right back to him!

Why We Do What We Do, And How Can We Do It Better

As I listened I was entertained and expanded. I was reminded once again of the absolute importance of feeling good in as many moments as is consciously possible, and the tremendous significance of growing myself first. I realized that in making my growth a priority that I have created the perfect life to do nothing else but experience life and grow because of it while all my needs are handled. I definitely recognize “The Art Of Fulfillment” in my life as one of my greatest obsessions.

The accumulation of 20 minutes of learning here and there daily adds up over a decade! If I had to attribute my success to one single thing it would be that I simply kept “showing up” in the right places at the right times.

I have no idea what the next evolution of Me looks like and although I have a sense of what my “destiny” is, it is still unfolding. I’ve learned to “do what it takes” to put myself in the teachable space with others I aspire to be more like. I have access to the best coaches and teachers on the planet! Just by being there with them I am expanded and refreshed in my passion and drive for life.

I am left asking the same questions, “How can I contribute bigger or better? What gives me the most joy right now?” Just re-asking these questions from time to time keeps me in the now and causes movement forward in all aspects of my life.

Here’s the bullets that caught my attention:

  • I’m into “immersion” – how did you learn language?
  • What drives you TODAY? We are not our past.
  • With our minds we can do anything.
  • We can only feel so much alone
  • Decision is the ultimate power.
  • The defining factor is never resources, it’s resourcefulness.
  • Emotional Fitness – there are 6000 English words to name emotions, typically we experience less than 12 in an average week and half of those make us feel like shit.
  • Uncertainty is significant and essential – it’s why violence will always be around. We love only the good surprises and call the bad ones problems.
  • If you get a pet, get a dog.
  • Fulfillment comes from the needs of the spirit not the needs of the personality.
  • The reason we grow is so that we have something to give of value.
  • The greatest need is to contribute beyond ourselves.
  • The secret of living is giving.
  • Follow your calling.
  • Imagine if your beliefs guarantee you can never get to where you want to go?
  • If you didn’t lose someone [something] today, your focus is to serve someone else.
  • Explore your web, the web in your head, the needs the beliefs the emotions that are controlling you for 2 reasons. So there’s more of you to GIVE – for your own fulfillment – and so that you can appreciate what’s driving other people.
  • It’s the only way our world is really going to change!

Surrender To The Absurd…

Life On The Leading Edge Of Everything…

…and the ever-expanding map of my life!

Playing bigger and better than ever before from a broader perspective on all of it…so far…

Part 1 of many… (’cause I have no idea where this’ll go from here?)

Live your life in such a way
that when your feet hit the floor in the morning,
Satan shudders and says,
“Oh shit….she’s awake!!!”

~ Originator Unknown at this point…let me know if you do!

Here I Am! T. Master Manifestress and I Am fabulous!! Thanks for askin’!

I have been very “covert” in my operations the past year and a half or so and many of my dear and wonderful online and distance friends are asking for and about me these past days! This writing will serve as both a catch-up and ice-breaker, ’cause the magical and beautiful stories are piling up here and I can’t tell them without context!

I won’t promise brevity in this one…and perhaps just maybe you’ll find a wee bit ‘o’ your own clarity in my ramblings…? Grab a chocolate martini and some popcorn and read on if you dare…

I set some new and definite intentions for the re-creation of my world almost 2 years ago that set in motion a whole new dynamic to, and perspective on, life as I thought I knew it…again!

As I continually get better at ignoring the desires others have for me and surrender my Self to my own heart’s desires, I am amazed at how easily life flows, with very little resistance – for both them and me. It means listening to the inside instead of the outside and giving it ALL up to the Universe to sort things out for me and line up what It/I knows is perfect for Me!

In valuable hindsight, I could NEVER have possibly dreamt up what was in escrow waiting for Me! I am continually reminded of Einstein’s famous quote,

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Problems…what problems?? Getting the meaning of Einstein’s quote means getting the meaning of what it is to “have faith” and let go of what I think should Be or even what I think is “right” or “wrong”. And, I have heard that the best way to give God a good belly laugh is to share your earthly plans with him…

It’s been almost a year since I wrote to my online subscribers and my blog has been contributed to by extreme inspirational moments only. It seems that in trying to find balance between my online and off line worlds, I have swung too far in the direction I wanted more of…”how we do anything is how we do everything.”

That’s the thing about extreme focus…I often go way past my mark in the busy action of trying to hit it!! Since realizing the scale had tipped too far in the “other” direction I have had the strong desire to sequester myself to a space where I can finally tell my amazing and (hopefully) inspiring stories back here on the web, my home and world away from “the world”.

I am tucked into Mom & Dad’s house while they’re off to play at the cottage for a month! I’ll join the family in a few days, and for now I’m keeping the gardens watered and her small herd of rodents and flock of birds fed!

It has been just over 3 and ½ years since I left my corporate employer, and 13 years as a developing Entrepreneur. As I travel back along my life’s timeline from my now broader perspective, I can clearly see why it sometimes felt like something big was coming – it always did!!

Hind-sight is not only 20/20 in its clarity; it also uses very wide, broad spectrum lenses with which to observe the fact that everything along my journey so far – the good, the bad and the ugly – was in fact always ALL good.

I have accomplished far more personal development and abundance in my 3 years of “entrepreneurial freedom” than I did in 24 years of employment, not to belittle or say that my 24 year journey was not beneficial or insignificant, it appears though, that the momentum has picked up since freeing up my time and focus, and I’m enjoying the faster ride on the expansive edge of all of my experiences!

From my broader perspective, like gazing upon a big map of my life, I can see how far I’ve come, the obstacles I overcame and avoided, and the golden nuggets of wisdom I gained for having faith while mucking around down in it! I now see how everything I did and decided – good or bad – had a place in all of it.

And, just like any other map, it has an edge! I do not know what is beyond the edge of my map! And, I am learning not to worry about that! What I can see from here is good enough to give me the faith to go back into the action of my life, to muck about and splash around some more…it’s ALL good!! And in looking back, knowing I can project all the good stuff forward, I get that flutter in my tummy about the excitement to come and a Universal “wink, wink, nod, nod” that I ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!!

Today, I am living my dreams and recognizing them as MY dreams.

They don’t look quite as I had pictured them so many years ago, and the “feeling place” I enjoy from living them IS the dream!! When life feels SO good you can hardly stand to let it all in, and sometimes your eyes leak, you’re getting the hang of living life in your truth and in your purpose!! It’s a complete rush!!

I have become accustomed to “surrendering to the absurd” and have found out that the funniest, wackiest and most sublime stuff can happen if you just go with it! “The Absurd” is the stuff of the leading edge and I have had the most fun, the greatest results and served the greatest good putting myself out there to ride it! It is the place where I have to truly “let go of the oars” and let the current carry me! (A beautiful metaphor by one of my favorite teachers – Abraham-Hicks.)

In observing the patterns of my Being I clearly see I am here Now to Be on the leading edge of whatever is happening that is “big”. I have once again landed on that wave front of revolution and monumental change! I am comfortable there and thrive on the excitement of the unknowns!! I also know I’ll get what I expect and MY vision for what’s coming is absolutely thrilling!

So back to October of 2006, I sat at my desk asking some different questions of myself and the Universe in general. In a catalystic move, I had just sold up 2400 square feet of house and 20 years of home ownership stuff after realizing all that space and 8 major appliances were perhaps a bit excessive for my personal needs. I had left the corporate life behind 2 years past and realized I was still maintaining the thinking, and consequently the stuff that always went with it. “It” was no longer serving Me and mine.

I tucked myself into an apartment with some dear friends temporarily, to figure out where I wanted to dig in again, I wasn’t getting that it would be in my home town necessarily, and without crystal clarity, the temporary arrangement felt “right”.

One of the first and best things I did coming out of corporate employment was to make a decision about my own development and educational growth. It is what I call one of my “catalystic” decisions. It changed the course of my life as I knew it. I sold up my corporate shares and invested them into T. Harv Eker’s Peak Potentials program. It seemed a fitting and respectful use of the funds and in looking back it was a metaphorical “hand-off”. My employer had taken very good care of me and my learning. I felt I was appreciating a gift, and I wanted the whole enchilada Baby!!

The “Big Yes” called to me persistently from deep within and I listened! Funny thing about listening for the answers from within; when I make the “right decision” for me, there’s always a space of quite and assured peace, a true sense of security in the world and there’s always a distinct “lack” of confusion or need to justify the decision, it’s a smooth movement forward with whatever transpires.

Following my dreams is a continual journey of listening and responding with purpose and faith – and a lot of ignoring how others expect me to respond. The latter has been the harder part of the journey – that’s the “letting go” part, the place where the biggest lessons tend to present.

When the “self-serving decision” is made though, something moves in the Ether and all forms of support start lining up to manifest, and as self-serving as the decision appears to be on the outside, it is usually one that serves ALL!

I knew that growing my Self first would take care of everything else I could think of that was important to me, and I had already been listening to and learning from T. Harv for some time – on tapes. I had already witnessed the difference his teaching made to my net worth and confidence and realized I wanted to see him live and continue working with him. Looking back, I now know why this work called so strongly to me, in fact it put itself conveniently in front of me to make it easier to do! Despite the concerns and confusion of those that love and care for me, off I went!

Knowing all I had to do was simply “show up” to be transformed, I threw myself into that work, having completed 12 seminars in about 2 and ½ years across continent! My program was a 3 to 4 year program and with more to go yet, what I really wanted, was to hunker down and put to good use all that I had already learned. I wanted to create or ally with something to apply my transformation to, get results with and complete…emphasis on “completion”. AND I didn’t want to just talk about it anymore; I wanted the real, tangible results – bigger bank account balances, a gradual, consistent and swift growth towards abundance, not just for me; for everyone around me too!! I wanted something I could actually measure my personal performance and self-accountability against, and a vehicle with which to hone my unique skills and talents. I know I have a “unique offering” in and of my experiences and teachings, I am seeing through my doing what that is and how to pay it forward to others.

I am not afraid of hard work; in fact I grew up on it and I’m continually aware of the fact that once in a while I need to just “chill”. What I had learned to do much better through my new teachings was to work smarter than harder. I had the knowledge, the ability and full chest of tools with which to manifest that (until now, elusive) perfect passive income vehicle!

Remember how I said I was asking different questions of myself and the Universe? Well I believe a momentous shift occurred when I asked, “Universe, what would the perfect network marketing opportunity look like for me?” Then I made my mental list of what I really wanted in a complete package passive business.

(This is the first time my list has made it to print.) I tend to really get into the feeling place of what I desire when I “make a list”; the list points are chosen (sometimes too) carefully by me. I always remember the list very well when it comes from my intuitive feeling place and I watch it all show up so perfectly!

So I closed my eyes, took a few deep breaths and scanned my experiences and desires. Without regard to what it “should” be, I spun out my list of what the perfect vehicle could be and paid attention to what each highlight felt like! (Having given up the search for perfection I am always defining what’s perfect from moment to moment.)

Here’s my hindsight perspective on what my list first looked like…I can only describe in my own words the feeling place of “effectively launching rockets of desire”, and ironically that’s the most important part one has to figure out for themselves, the “feeling place” can’t be put to print!

My perfect vehicle would be:

  • FUN by anyone’s definition. (Top ‘o’ the list on purpose. Fun = Abundance – A Universal constant in my world, it works every single time like gravity.)
  • Truly “EASY”. (Not just “simple”. None of any of this is rocket science.)
  • For EVERYONE – no exceptions! (I wanted ALL my relations to be able to benefit without excuses.)
  • INSTANTLY Gratifying and Results Oriented (Creates hope and causes one to revisit old dreams or move up the dates on them!)
  • Easily “Systemiz-able” and Self-Serve on any level one wanted to participate at. (Achieving success was not dependent on a team or referrer and yet support is available when ready for it!)
  • Fits into ANYONES lifestyle or situation. (Regardless of perceived time or financial constraints.)
  • “Wellness based”. (Health B4 Wealth – Another Universal constant in my world. *Note: See “FUN” above with respect to good emotional health.)
  • A vehicle I could utilize to Serve Others with. (I wanted a way to do “my good work” with others I enjoyed creating with!)
  • A vehicle where one can “Put a little in = get a lot out.” (A Universal and elusive constant in anyone’s world – it’s called “amplification” or to some “leverage”.)
  • Values driven and ethical. Well backed with longevity and good business practice.

I made some promises after that session that I would follow through on anything that smelled even close to my “perfection”. Then I went about my daily activities doing what I could and knew as I observed and listened for what showed up that felt good to follow, I also knew that if it felt good, somewhere in the mix it made sense!!

It all started to show up about a month and a half after I made that list. Not directly though, I had to follow the Universal and emotional bread crumb trail to get to it, and even when I did it took several months to realize I had found it!! When I look back from here, I can clearly see the synchronisity and fortuitous events that took place along the way, and I am also aware of how easily I could have missed the clues if I hadn’t been open to listening for the Universal winks along the way.

I fell in love with the concept of Network Marketing 13 years ago, I never left it and have been the poster child of “persistence”. After many years and learning experiences, I knew it was my best bet for the quick results I was wanting as a model for “consistency” to go with my pit-bull-like persistence. I hadn’t been actively involved with a team for more than 2 years and any previous success I had experienced fell far short of the dream the industry had always promoted. I looked back on all my experiences without judging any of it good or bad, I figured out what worked – what I appreciated, what didn’t for me – the things I wanted to make better. I made note of what I liked most about it all the ways I’ve done it, all the while checking in with what felt good and what didn’t.

Little did I know how ready I really was once I got out of my own way and surrendered to what I didn’t yet “know.” Another quote I still hear in my head today from a very early and passionate mentor and model Casey Combden:

“You don’t know what you don’t know.
That’s why you don’t “have”.
Because if you knew what you knew, you’d “have”.
Because to know and not Do; is not to Know.”

Well into my life waltzes the most perfect dance partner yet!! It was there all along and I didn’t recognize it, life has not been the same since! From across a crowded room I connected with certainty when I heard someone in conversation say the words, “healthy chocolate”…it was a very Scooby-like Zen moment as my head spun around to catch up with my ears and I heard myself say, “Huh?!” At that moment my Being’s focus was hijacked and laser like as I was moved toward this person speaking of such a thing! (This person to whom I will always be grateful introduced me to my new dance partner and I haven’t seen much of her since.)

I distinctly remember thinking, “Wow, my favorite, daily snack guilt-free, and healthy too you say?? Could it be true?” Then came the “bread crumb moment”, she said (rather sheepishly), “It’s network marketing.” I distinctly recall as she said it I knew she was going to say that! And as I watched and felt her brace for my response I responded with a full-body fist pump and a “Big Yes”, this I HAD to know about! I wanted to know who was behind THIS brilliant idea – a healthy chocolate MLM?! I knew somehow it would lead to something HUGE, it just made me giggle too much…as a natural-born rebel it appealed to my sense of the absurd and my number 1 on the list “FUN”!

I really wanted to taste the stuff – like now! My (now) referrer didn’t even have her shipment in yet, she had just ordered it the day before! I would have signed up right then and there, and I pulled back to reason…I didn’t much care how healthy it was, if it didn’t taste good I didn’t have the personal will to eat it everyday let alone promote it! So I made an appointment to meet with her at her home to taste some, it was early in the day on a Friday morning, I dragged my son out of bed early to go across town where I met the coolest people and I was introduced to both chocolate as a breakfast food and a valuable consumable commodity investment choice.

After discovering the product tasted aptly divine for this Goddess, I knew this would be my next point of focus for a while. My mind raced with possibilities on all fronts. I was the kid in the proverbial creative candy shop! I remember knowing the Universe was “in the room”, recalling the promise I had made to myself and checking my list of wants to make sure it would fit. I decided that I had better run with this to see where it took me. Having been scarred from previous experiences, I approached at first with caution and ate my chocolate daily and freely – no one even had to train me how to open the box or the wrapper on the nuggets! If that’s where this journey ended, I was quite happy with my newly found healthy food source!

I had become used to having access to really good quality stuff through my direct sales connections and entities over the years, so even though I had not been actively building; I understood the “value” behind remaining connected to the benefits of what the evolving industry provides to its consumers – and I knew I could make it work for me with the “right stuff” available.

It’s true that “success is the meeting of preparedness and opportunity”, and I now know what it feels like to have both at the same time in the same space, it feels like “a sure thing”!!

I am always fascinated by the way things can ALWAYS get better no matter where I’m at or what I’ve experienced, it is what I have come to expect from the “leading edge”.

It’s been just over a year and a half since that fateful moment when everything opened up for me. As I let the Universe sort things out for me I am reminded that the sorting applies to the people in my life as well as the stuff. As I become more and more of what I want, I am learning how to let go of my attachments to others that need to travel a different path. I am severing ties that only I have kept in place for my selfish needs.

The cool thing about letting go gracefully and with faith is that there is always a reward! As I mentioned, the stories of the rewards are piling up! I am figuring out where I play biggest and best, my results on all fronts tell me that.

I never really got what T. Harv meant when I would hear him passionately state, “Focus on your results!” In hindsight, I guess I never really knew I had any until one day not too long ago, about a year into this crazy project; I laid all my numbers out on a spreadsheet. As I lined up the numbers, it wasn’t too long before I started to see patterns and stories in the numbers. I could clearly see how significant events in my life, or that of the business itself was affecting them. I was also unable to deny the fact that this puppy was growing solidly and consistently. It was another world-shifting moment – a place where more belief was had. The results were there all along and I didn’t have visibility on them. It was a colossal “duh” moment, I realized I couldn’t screw this one up if I tried!!

I heard again the valuable words of my mentor from inside my head this time, “Focus on the results!” I now got it. It’s been almost 5 years hearing that and I can finally use it in a practical way! Ever since that moment I have taken “control” over how those numbers grow, along with some key indicators I can clearly see how I am in the driver’s seat when it comes to the numbers. I have something tangible to set realistic goals with, I can measure how much comes out when I put a bit of consistent activity in. I have a whole new understanding for the brilliance of the connection between personal abundance and business.

I have intentions and a dream around having my family alongside me as they were when I discovered the entrepreneurial world and the concept of passive income lifestyle. It was my family that introduced me to it 13 years ago. As of the end of June 2008, I had just watched and assisted my sister-in-law to blow by everyone I’ve been working with the last year and half in the chocolate business! She got started the beginning of April – just about the same time I laid out my numbers, she has since caught up to me to become my biggest and fastest growing business partner – in just 12 weeks. That kind of “results” causes a life shift, it carries with it some nice financial abundance that relieves a whole lot of “resistance”. It’s always a bonus when it’s the life of those nearest and dearest to me. I suspect she’ll blow by me too! And I know that I probably couldn’t have really assisted her in a serving way a year ago…

Everything in perfect timing! (Another of those constants.)

I attended my chosen company’s annual convention a few weeks ago, and although I have attended several conventions and events over the years, this was a humbling space and an experience from a different perspective than ever before. I was having a lot of thoughts like “I did it” and “look, I’m really doing it!” floating around in my head as I met dozens of people from within my own organization that I’d never met at all before or that I had never thrown my arms around. It was a lesson in “receiving” as I was being thanked and appreciated for “everything I’ve done for them”.

To “them” it seems a lot. To me I’m just out here being me and building a dream that matches what I envision for me and mine! I’ve never done anything so easy in my life!!

So after far too many pages of rambling I’ll leave you with some photos of some smiling faces and a transcription I was moved to transcribe just this morning! Here’s the last 2 minutes of Abraham-Hicks’ latest You Tube video and if you’re an Abe fan or even just one that walks around with those “rose colored glasses” on all the time, I think you’ll love it!!

I’ve titled this transcription: “The New “I Have A Dream…” Speech” A newer Abe-spun version of one of my all-time favorite famous speeches by Martin Luther King Jr.

Enjoy! Be back with you sooner…

Chocolate Cheers!

Radiant Chocolate Goddess
Have you had your healthy chocolate today?
It’ll change your life!

The New “I Have A Dream…” Speech

I have a dream about the way life can be upon this planet.

I see a time where people can live among one another,
In a variety of personalities, in a variety of genders,
In a variety of financial and sexual and oh, every other kind of orientations.

I see a world of such diversity that provides us strength and basis for MIGHTY expansion.
I see a world where in our differences we find our true strengths.
I see a world where as we come together in our differences – not agreeing with one another, but understanding that our differences provide the basis from which we all create and that, in this creation there is enough for all of us.

I understand that this is a world of un-limitedness,
I no longer believe in shortage,
I no longer see limitations and lack.

I now understand that people don’t have to think what I think in order for me to think it or, be what I be in order for me to be it.

I now understand that I am unlimited and that all along that this dream that I have dreamed has been dreamed by others and has been lived by many and I am now making claim to all of you that I intend to NOW live my dream!

I am free to Be as I Be. I think the thoughts that give me the resonance of that,
And I am no longer going to ask the impossible of the world to come into alignment with what I want, because I don’t want world alignment!

I want diversity.
The diversity IS the basis of that which we are becoming.


Transcribed from Abe on YouTube: Abraham On You Tube

Appreciation From A Mom’s Perspective

A good friend who always sends me great stuff shared a Google video with me yesterday and I watched it this morning. It’s a full 47 minutes long and worth the watch…

I was surprised at my reaction and thoughts as I watched. I responded to it not out of amazement for the abilities of the folks in the movie; what came up for me was from the perspective of being a Mother to a child that exhibits similar ways of being.

On the eve of Mother’s Day I am hearing Abraham’s wise words inside my head. They are about releasing our children to their own “contrast”, to their own life’s experience to create what they want of it. It requires a surrendering to that which is often contrary to what we think is “good” or “bad” for our child.

I think if I summed it up in a brief statement, the most difficult thing about being a parent is staying out of the way of the development of my child. I am very careful to allow for our generational and evolutional differences that often manifest themselves as very different ways of being. What I want for him is what every parent wants for their child – “joy” in their being and living. How he goes about finding his way to that is something I am learning “not to mind”.

If I had “fear” of anything at all it would be that I affect him with my own perceptions of “limitation”. In staying out of his way, I have learned the immense value of staying out of my own way. As a Mother to my own inner child, the rewards and results of continually mastering “that” are showing up all around me.

I appreciate the gift of my child as the greatest teacher in my life so far. He has been the perfect mirror of me to stand in front of. I hold myself accountable for what I do and how I Am in his presence. He continually provides feedback to me on where I’ve come from, where I’m at and where I’m going.

I am honored that he chose me as a major player on the stage of his life. You can keep your Oscar, and it’s my intention that I’m worthy of an academy award performance before the final curtain closes!!

Enjoy this amazing documentary!

“The Boy With The Incredible Brain”

Happy Mother’s Day From Isaac’s Mom and Ann’s Daughter!

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